• Police Log, 5/18/13-5/24/13

    Bicycles stolen from porch
    Two specialized mountain bikes were stolen overnight from the porch of a home on Sinex Ave.

    Bicycle stolen from school
    A woman reported her son’s bicycle was stolen from school.

    Theft from unlocked vehicle
    Laptop, backpack, and digital camera were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked on Grove Acre.

    Baby locks mom out
    A mother gave her toddler her keys to keep him occupied while she changed his diaper. He got the idea to lock her out. The fire department responded and got the door open.

    Credit card info stolen
    A person reported that their credit card information was used to make several purchases in Monterey County, but that they have possession of the card. It is unknown how the data were compromised.

    Got away clean
    A coin mechanism was stolen from a laundry on Asilomar.

    Cell phone stolen
    A cell phone left in a public rest room wasn’t there when the owner went back to get it a few minutes later.

    Vandalism between neighbors
    Vandalism to a vehicle on Funston may be the result of an ongoing dispute, but evidence is circumstantial.

    Alarming alarms
    An alarm at a bank sounded three times but nothing was wrong.
    A residential alarm on Syida indicated an interior activation but there was nothing wrong.
    A residential alarm sounded on Lighthouse but there was nothing wrong.
    An alarm sounded on Forest. Nothing wrong.

    Tagging not tagging
    Two park benches were vandalized and though the reporting party said they thought it might be gang related, the officer said it was not

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