• Police Log 6/1/13-6/7/13

    Missing, and Misappropriated Stuff

    Credit card account opened in reporting party’s name without her knowledge

    Lost bracelet downtown Fri., May 24. It is gold, ½-inch in width and inscribed with slightly raised Xs

    Residential burglary on Grove Acre. Someone took the key to the reporting  party’s car and some sweat bands.

    Lock found, bicycle not attached.

    Credit card lost, maybe at the post office. No suspicious activity on it.

    Wallet found and returned to owner.

    A different wallet was found. Owner notified.

    A ring was reported stolen from a hotel room.

    Bike found at Lovers Point. Was it the one not attached to the lock previously turned in? Time will tell.

    A purse was found buried in the sand near a fire pit on Asilomar beach. The  purse contained a wallet, a cell phone, an inhaler and some cigarettes.

    ATM info used in Canada, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

    A credit card was fraudulently. Reporting party knows who took it and she  wants to press charges.

    Ryders eyeglass case found. Black, soft pouch.

    Vehicle burglaries

    Convertible top pried open and stereo stolen on Piedmont Ave.

    Vehicle burglary reported on Sunset.

    Bike v. Bike

    Two bicyclists crashed into each other on Ocean View Blvd. One was  transported to the hospital for injuries.

    Bark, Bark, Bark

    A barking dog log was turned in by a resident on Presidio. ACO responded but dog was not barking. Resident turned in a second log for a different time period. Officer doesn’t think it constitutes a nuisance and said there must be a second party to complain.

    An incident involving a dog took place in Sand City, and the owner came in to  the police station in Pacific Grove (where said doggie lives) to prove vaccination.

    A dog was attacked by a raccoon in the owner’s yard. Dog was taken to the  vet. No sign of the raccoon.

    Not so candid camera

    A woman reported a man was taking pictures of her car at Country Club Gate and refused to tell her why.

    Stolen flowers lead to DUI

    A business at Country Club Gate reported a woman took some flowers. The police  found her and determined that she was under the influence and she admitted to driving. Naida Mercurio was arrested.

    Evading arrest leads to hot pursuit

    A motorcyclist was stopped for a vehicle code violation. The rider took off and  the police chased him, but lost sight of him at Sinex and Cedar.


    Past tense hit and run on Sunset. No leads.

    Hit and run parked vehicle.

    A woman reported that she was parked and another driver backed up and hit her vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle didn’t stop and exchange info.  Minor damage to her front bumper.

    Traffic collision on Forest, counter report.

    Accident on Hillcrest, non-injury, minor damage to both vehicles.

    Non-injury accident on Ocean View, driver hit a parked vehicle and made  a report.

    Vandalism of sign

    Reporting party, a volunteer at the seal pup rookery area, reported someone  had damaged a warning sign beyond usefulness. She said she knows who did it.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 7, 2013

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