• Police Log 6/15/13-6/23/13

    Ghost car?

    A woman on Miles came home to find her garage door open. She hadn’t left it open and her room mates weren’t in town. There was nothing taken, no forced entry, nothing disturbed inside the residence.

    Ghost resident?

    In another incident, a landscaper reported finding a door open and a window broken on a residence on Junipero. It is unknown what, if anything, was taken.

    Unpermitted estate sale

    Someone reported a neighbor having an estate sale on Benito without a permit. The person having the sale was told to go to the police department to get a permit but when she got there she was told that since they’d had an estate sale the previous weekend they couldn’t have another as only four are permitted per calendar year and they’d used up their allotment.

    Rash of Mjs, Rjs, Ijs

    A number of missing juveniles, runaway juveniles and incorrigible juveniles were reported. School is out.

    Bark, bark, bark

    On Buena Vista: Dogs barking and howling annoy the neighbors. Officer advised the annoyed parties on how to pursue a barking dog complaint and advised the annoying dogs’ owner that a complaint had been pursued.

    Bark, bark, bark 2

    On Junipero, a neighbor reported recidivist barking dogs and agreed to sign a citation. She also believes the dogs are not well cared-for and says there are dog feces piled up.

    Lost and stolen

    A black beaded bifold wallet was lost on Lighthouse.

    A car was broken into on Ocean View and a camera taken from it.

    Illegal harvest

    Owner reported a female came onto his property and cut flowers and picked fruit. She was contacted and cited.


    A resident on Forest Hill was contacted by phone and told her grandchild was in trouble in Niagara Falls and needed money. But the grandchild was not in Niagara Falls. Luckily, the money wasn’t either.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 28, 2013

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