• Police Log 6/29/13-7/5/13

    Bump in the road

    A bicyclist hit a bump in the road on Central and fell off his bike. It was witnessed and the reporting party called for medical assistance.

    Tools not empowering

    A person on Junipero complained that her neighbor was using power tools in his garage and was disturbing her peace. She was advised to go to the police station to file a complaint.

    Found stuff

    A wallet was found on the rear stairs at Safeway. When the owner came to claim it, they said the only thing missing was their California drivers license.

    Another wallet, along with a phone, was found in the roadway on Funston. A separate number was found for the owner and the items were returned to him.

    A drivers license was found at Caledonia Park. No notes as to whether it was the one missing from the wallet in the previous item.

    Another drivers license was found on Pine Ave. See note above.

    A wallet was reported lost on Forest.

    A phone was found in the City Hall restroom; owner contacted.

    A cell phone was seen to fall out of a fast-moving pocket as the unaware owner got into his car and drove away; owner contacted.

    You mean the gun wasn’t loaded?

    Relatives cleaning out a locker found very old bullets; turned in for destruction.

    Fight was only an argument

    Two males were reported arguing on Fountain. Though it was reported to be physical, it turned out not to be.

    Fight was definitely a fight

    Two males were fighting in public on Gibson. No arrest, no serious injuries, nothing further.


    A home on Locust was vandalized. No suspects.


    A traffic stop became a DUI arrest when Mario Sotelo was stopped on Sunset. He was arrested, booked, cited and released to a sober friend. The vehicle was impounded because he had a suspended license.

    A vehicle stopped for several traffic violations was being driven by an intoxicated driver. Franklin Issac Aviles was booked, cited and released to a sober adult. The vehicle was left at the scene.

    Drug para found

    A box of drug paraphernalia was found and placed into evidence for destruction.

    False prescription

    A false prescription was presented and the person who tried to get the drugs, Nicole Rashelle Sessions, was arrested, bailed, and released.

    No s’mores tonight

    A resident on Lawton was using their backyard fire pit to burn yard debris; fire captain advised them of the city fire ordinance; a garden hose was used to douse the low flames.

    There go the profits

    A Fountain Avenue business owner noted several days after the fact that numerous small items had been stolen from the store; no leads.

    Vandalism to a vending making on Forest Avenue resulted in the coin box being taken; no suspects.

    The aluminum foil hat does work

    It was reported that a suspicious wireless network was in operation; information only.

    Put that back; it doesn’t belong to you

    Burglary reported on Sinex Avenue; no suspect information.

    Bank now repairs autos

    When contacted about the abandoned vehicle, its owner said it doesn’t run and the bank won’t pick it up.

    Driver plays cat and mouse with pedestrian

    After noting that the vehicle had stopped, a pedestrian entered the crosswalk, only to be grazed by the car as it moved forward.

    Craiglist scam strikes again

    A Cedar St. resident advertised their car for sale on Craigslist. A potential buyer sent them a check for double the sale price then cancels the deal and asks that the amount of the check be wired immediately. The seller does not attempt to deposit the original check until after the wire transfer – and of course the check is no good.

    They’ll pay double next time

    Dog owner did not pay for grooming and bathing services; not sure why police contacted.

    Sleepy Burglar

    A residence on Ocean View was broken into but nothing was taken; evidence of the break-in was a broken window and crumpled bed covers.

    Wait! I have to turn here

    A vehicle traveling on Forest Ave. made an unsafe lane change, causing a motorist to lose control – of what is unknown.

    Too many garage sales?

    A resident on Asilomar Ave. was contacted about a Municipal Code violation; uncooperative subject was cited for obstructing a peace officer.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 9, 2013

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