• Police Log 6/8/13-6/14/13

    One ringy dingy…

    Holman’s Antiques reports someone left a ring on the counter near the jewelry case. The police have it for safekeeping.

    Vandalism and B&E

    A car tire was reported flattened on Sunset. No other clues.

    A car window was broken on Sunset and the car rifled. Nothing was stolen.

    A window was broken on a commercial building on Ocean View Blvd.

    A woman on Sunset reported her vehicle window was smashed and a cell phone and one Euro coin were taken.

    Suspicious circumstances/vandalism reported on Forest Hill Blvd. No leads.

    A person on Pacific Grove Lane reported that someone unzipped the top to his Jeep during the night and stole several items.

    A person on Grove St. reported someone slashed the convertible top to his vehicle.

    Stolen vehicle

    A man reported that he parked his car on Laurel Ave. and ran some errands. When he came back, the car was gone.

    Don’t mess with Bill

    A woman tried to phone a former boyfriend about picking up his stuff and was threatened by the new girlfriend. She doesn’t want to prosecute at this time, just wanted documentation.

    More documentation

    Two women say they have received harassing emails from a man they know. They just wanted a record made.

    Booster chair

    A person on Sunset said they found their patio chair had been moved and placed under the window. It appeared that someone was trying to gain entry.

    Lost & Found, mostly lost

    A woman reported losing her Samsung Slide cell phone and some prescription medications. The phone is missing its back.

    A wallet was lost at Country Club Gate.

    A wallet was found on Ocean View Blvd. It had an insurance card in it so the insurance company says they’ll contact the owner.

    A bicycle was found in a dumpster on Junipero. It appears to be in good working order.

    Two more bicycles were found on Pacific Grove Lane.

    An Ohio drivers license was found and turned in.

    A backpack was found on Ocean View Blvd. Returned to owner.

    Rayban sunglasses lost. May be in a black leather case.

    Courier bag lost. Owner says she may have driven off with it on the trunk instead of in the trunk.

    Red leather clutch wallet lost.

    Man in camo with rifle actually juvenile with an air gun

    Someone reported a man in camouflage clothing was walking down Congress with a rifle, but it turned out to be two juveniles with an airsoft weapon. The weapons were taken for parental pick up and the boys were advised on the proper way to transport such items in the future.


    Matthew Kramer was reported driving on the curb and all over the road. When contacted, he refused to take tests. He was booked, cited and transported to Seaside Police Department.

    Elder abuse

    Evidence of elder abuse on Laurel Ave. Victim taken into care of public guardian.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on June 14, 2013

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