• Police Log 7/13/13-7/19/13

    Drunk drivers continue to endanger lives
    The following irresponsible drivers were observed committing numerous traffic violations:
    -Tijmen Teering: arrested, booked, cited and released
    -Michael Kirkey: arrested, booked, cited and released
    -Henry Hurley: arrested, booked, cited and released
    -Patrick Jamison, arrested, booked, cited, vehicle stored

    Disorderly conduct
    Garrett Lowery was contacted and found to be intoxicated and on probation. He was arrested and booked before transport to county jail.

    More disorderly conduct
    Deborah Vilogron was contacted downtown and found to be intoxicated and unable to care for her safety. She was arrested and booked.

    Dog owner endangers pet’s safety
    Reporting party stated her neighbor’s dog is constantly running loose in the neighborhood and that the owner refuses to keep the dog contained or on a leash.

    Must not be a Coach purse
    Reporting party rented a bike and placed her purse in the basket located to the rear of the bike. After riding the bike she realized her purse was missing but did not attempt to locate the purse.

    Epidemic of runaway wallets
    Subject called the station to report losing his wallet somewhere in town.
    Reporting party lost wallet while walking down Pine Avenue.
    Subject called to say her husband lost his wallet the night before.

    Are there roaming charges for calling God?
    Subject reported losing her cell phone while attending church.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 18, 2013

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