• Police Log 7/14/12-7/20/12

    Granddaughter won’t get the keys for a looooong time
    Sheriffs in pursuit of a vehicle contacted PGPD to get a hold of the owner of the vehicle. Turned out granddad had lent the keys to his granddaughter – but the driver wasn’t her. Other vehicles were struck and damaged by the driver, but the registered owner (granddad) declined to press charges as he assumed the driver was known to his granddaughter. The vehicle was impounded.

    No eyes put out
    A group of boys found a BB gun in a park near their residence and admitted they played with it before turning it over to one of the boys’ mother. The BB gun was turned in for destruction.

    Ammo, gun turned in
    A gun and some ammunition were turned in for destruction and fees were collected for disposal. The party said they weren’t interested in it any more.

    Not such good friends
    Two friends got involved in an altercation on Ocean view. Neither wanted to press charges against the other, however, so maybe the friendship is intact.

    Eber Ruiz was stopped for traffic violations and subsequently arrested for DUI.

    Purse, bank card, wallet, cell phone – all in separate incidents.

    Smooshing evidence
    Oscar Moreno Flores was stopped for traffic violations and found to have a suspended license. Also found to have a glass pipe. . .which he smooshed with his foot. He was booked anyway.

    Urinating while drinking
    Not sure of the vehicle code, but Gustavo Gomez-Barajs was arrested for urinating and drinking, plus the fact that he couldn’t pass the FSTs.

    Hiding under the bed, but not well hidden
    A probation check while the probationer was away revealed a jar with what was proved to be marijuana, as well as two empty beer cans, under the bed.

    More para
    A glass pipe and a digital scale set to grams with crystal meth residue were found in a probation search.

    We know you’re scamming
    A potential victim received a letter stating she had won $250,000 and enclosing a check, but said she knew it was a scam. The police officer called the number provided and when the officer quizzed the person on the phone, they hung up. Given that the check and letter came from Canada, it probably wasn’t worth $250,000 anyway. The current exchange rate is 99 cents.

    False alarm
    Ocean View Blvd., alarm registered.
    There was also a false alarm on city property on Del Monte Blvd. but the city was not charged.

    Back to class
    A fire engine backed into the fire house and broke off the mirror. Oops.

    Set the brake, curb the tires. Wait. Are there curbs in a parking lot?
    An unoccupied vehicle at Country Club Gate rolled backward into a parked car. No injuries.

    Large dog at large: Known suspect
    A chocolate lab was reported at large on Central at 12th. The reporting party had captured the offender, and the officer knew the dog from previous contacts. It was taken to the station, cited for being at large and not having a license, and given a court date in September. The dog should probably take his owner to court with him inasmuch as the owner paid the license fees.

    Bark bark bark – he just wanted to go for a ride
    A dog left behind in an apartment while the owner took her husband to work was bark bark barking. It quit when the owner came home.

    Not the sort of thing you want to lose
    A bag and some women’s clothing were left at George Washington Park. In the bag were identification, marijuana, unlabeled prescription meds and a glass pipe. The owner, it was learned, was in the hospital but had no prescription for the marijuana so it, the unlabeled meds and the pipe were all confiscated for destruction.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 20, 2012

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