• Police Log, 7/20/13-7/26/13

    by Laura Emerson

    Naked car

    Reporting party states their car cover was removed sometime during the night on Lighthouse Ave.

    Naked car owner?

    Vehicle parked in covered garage on Ocean View Blvd., had window smashed and garment bag filled with clothes was stolen.

    Destruction derby

    Vehicle traveling westbound on Sinex Ave. struck two parked cars, no injuries.

    Window smashed on parked vehicle on Ocean View Blvd., nothing taken.

    Vehicle rear-ended another vehicle on Forest Ave., resulting in the need for a tow.

    Hit-and-run on Lighthouse Ave., no suspects or leads.

    A vehicle on Pine Ave was towed for expired registration. A note on the dash said not to turn the engine over, that there was no timing belt.


    Subject fell onto the rocks while taking pictures and sustained an injury to the left side of his head, transported to hospital for treatment.

    Owner was warned

    Subject was walking his dog on 17th St. when he encountered another subject walking two dogs who warned that one of the dogs was aggressive and mean. Not heading the warning, the subject walking the one dog allowed that animal to get too close and his dog was attacked.

    Altered checks

    Subject approached by two male juveniles who claimed that proceeds from their magazine sales would go to wounded veterans, deployed troops and the local youth baseball team. Subject issued a check for $34 that was subsequently altered and cashed for $212.

    Lost & Found….or Not

    Subject reported losing a blank check and her driver license which were later found and returned to her.

    Subject turned in a wallet he’d found outside a sandwich shop at a shopping center. Owner was located and retrieved his wallet.

    Subject came to the station to report the loss of a small, black thumb drive while walking between City Hall and Union Bank in Pacific Grove. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to locate the drive, meaning that the party to whom it had been entrusted walked back and forth along the same route many times.

    Subject called to report a lost driver license and debit card.

    Subject came to the station to report losing his cell phone [which was found by owner two days later].

    An employee of a local grocery store brought in several pieces of found property, including debit cards. Attempts will be made to contact the owners.

    Party reports losing wedding ring at Lover’s Point.

    Wallet lost on Forest Ave.

    [Another] wallet lost on Forest Ave.


    A business owner heard from an employee that a customer wanted to come to his house and shoot him.

    Police Play Solomon: It’s Mine, No, It’s Not

    A disturbance between a customer and business owner erupted when the customer attempted to retrieve stolen property that the business owner was unwilling to relinquish without the customer reimbursing them the $900 he’d paid for it. Theft of item was confirmed and item was taken for safekeeping as evidence in police case.

    Party reported that the plum tree in her backyard on Gibson Ave. was stripped bare of all its fruit. With no signs of a trespasser, it is not possible to determine if the offender was human or beast.

    Vehicle traveling westbound on Sinex Ave. struck two parked cars, no injuries.

    Shoulda taken it with her

    After leaving a church function on Sunset Dr., reporting party discovered the passenger window on her vehicle had been broken and her purse stolen.

    Next time come home alone

    Reporting party claims that his wallet was stolen by three “new friends” whom he invited back to his residence. All had been drinking alcohol; RP does not recall their names of descriptions.


    Victim discovered several charges on her statement from a credit card that had been stolen.

    Four checks written to pay bills and placed in the reporting party’s mailbox on Syida Dr. were stolen, altered and unfortunately cashed.


    Subject came to station to leave a copy of a letter he had written to his neighbor regarding the parking situation.

    Bark, bark, bark…………bark, bark

    Party reported an ongoing barking dog problem on Fungston Ave. that she has tried to resolve by speaking to the neighbor and leaving them notes.

    Party reported ongoing barking dog problem at her residence on Forest Ave. where she works from home.

    Party reported trying to resolve barking dog problem on Shafter Ave. by contacting neighbor numerous times whose response was said to be rude and discourteous. A follow-up visit to the residence indicated that the dog does indeed bark a lot. Report forwarded to Animal Control.

    Ongoing barking dog problem on Junipero Ave.

    Suspicious Activity

    Upon returning to her deceased brother’s recently-emptied and locked RV, stored in a business facility, the reporting party was startled to find someone else’s belongings inside.

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