• Police Log 7/21/12-7/27/12

    Harassment by coffee cup … or was it blatant littering?
    A woman reported that someone was harassing her by leaving a broken coffee mug and a food wrapper near her front porch. She had no suspects, however.

    Noisy tow job
    A car alarm was sounding continuously on Laurel Ave. It was towed. No mention in the report as to whether or not they tried to open the hood and disconnect the battery. That works when a Harley-Davidson drives by and my neighbor’s alarm goes off .

    Alarm of the building variety
    An employee or the owner set off a registered alarm by accident on Lighthouse.

    Pipe in backpack
    A parent found a pipe in the son’s backpack while cleaning his room. The parents requested the kid get a talking-to by the police, who eventually destroyed the pipe.

    Arrivaderci, Pacific Grove!
    An Italian tourist reported she had lost her Italian drivers license and two credit cards somewhere in her travels across California. She did, however, still have her passport so it is assumed she was able to go back home.

    Disgruntled or dishonest?
    After an employee of a restaurant on Central was fired, it was discovered that $208 was missing as well as keys belonging to another employee.

    DUI > .08%
    Christopher Andres was contacted during a traffic stop and found to be under the influence. He was arrested, booked, and released on a cite to appear.

    Yelling as well as driving while drunk
    An officer on patrol on Central heard someone yell from a passing car. They attempted to make contact but the driver attempted to avoid the officer. When finally stopped, the officer could smell alcohol and eventually John Kiely was arrested for DUI and taken to jail.

    Hmmm. What am I missing here?
    A vehicle owner said he put water in the radiator instead of radiator fluid earlier in the day. He pulled over to take a nap on Ocean View Blvd, and when he awoke that car was engulfed in flames. The fire department put out the flames and the vehicle was towed. I’d better go check to see if there’s water in my radiator instead of radiator fluid. Also check to see if I have summer air in my tires and if the gonculator valve is working.

    Greasy vandalism
    A business reported that someone poured a grease-like substance all over the brick deck of his business on Grand Avenue. He suspects a nearby transient. End of report.

    Attack by pepper spray
    An unknown substance, possibly pepper spray, was sprayed through the open doorway of a business on Lighthouse. The reporting party said they saw a vehicle driving away from the scene.

    Marijuana is everywhere
    During a probation check, Jason Rutt was found to be in possession of unlawful paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana resin.
    Another person was stopped for a moving violation and was found to be in possession of less than an ounce of suspected marijuana.

    Whining, howling, and bark bark barking
    Animal control was called about a dog barking on Laurel. She reports it barked, howled and whined for 20 minutes while she was there, though she could find no cause for distress other than loneliness. The owner called later in response to the ACO’s calling card, and said she had forgotten the dog’s antibark collar that morning. The owner said she was away from home for 15 hours at a time, and the ACO suggested she get a dog walker, day care, or give up the dog if she couldn’t commit more time to the animal’s welfare.

    Bark bark barking in the night
    A dog was reported to be barking all night on Junipero. The reporting party was advised to document the problem and get the neighbors in on it to complain as well.

    Broken sprinkler alert
    A sprinkler was reported flooding the roadway on Cedar Street. Public Works was contacted.

    On Laurel, a car was T-boned by a motorcycle as the car made a left turn.
    On Lighthouse, a non-injury collision on public property occurred, resulting in a tow.
    On Pine Ave., V-1 struck V-2 while crossing the intersection.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 27, 2012

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