• Police Log 7/28/12-8/3/12

    Caught in the act
    A vandal removed and damaged window screens on Brentwood Court. Suspect was located on the scene.

    California driver’s license: A phone number was found in records check but had been disconnected.

    Lostlost but foundfound: Bookbook
    Wallet-and-cell-phone combo, called a Bookbook, reported lost. Lots of good good stuff stuff was inside. Later, someone turned it in so everyone is happy happy again.

    Avoiding the Olympics?
    A wallet belonging to someone from the UK was found and turned in.

    Bark bark bark: Keeping mum on this one
    On Chestnut St. The reporting party was advised that two complainants or a police officer were needed, and the dog wouldn’t bark for the officer.

    Bark bark bark with lunging enhancement
    A person on Lobos said the dog next door bark bark barks and lunges at the fence so that they can’t enjoy their back yard. They were advised of the guidelines for bark bark barking. The dog owner called later and said they had been harassed by the reporting neighbor for a long time and felt that this was just another way of harassing him. He was also advised of the guidelines for bark bark barking complaints and told not to confuse bark bark barking with neighbor issues.

    Fraudulent tax filer: But did he pay what was owed?
    Reporting party said someone used his Social Security number of file taxes.

    Suspicious person and vehicle
    A suspicious vehicle and person were reported hanging out with possible attempt at vehicle burglary. Witnesses got a license number. State Park ranger advised.

    Suspicious noise and vehicle
    A person on Pico said they heard a noise and looked out the window to see a male running from their car (presumably the reporting party’s car). No damage, nothing taken.

    Damage to hotel room
    Someone smashed a sliding glass door to a hotel room. No suspects.

    Ryan Williams was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of medication without a prescription during a traffic stop.

    Diabetes testing kit found
    In the street.

    False alarm – unregistered
    Mermaid Ave.

    False alarm – possible malfunction
    Forest Ave.

    False alarm – recanted
    A rear door alarm was activated on 16th Street. The alarm company called back to cancel.

    Forged access
    Victim forgot her credit card at a business. Later it was used at a gas station on Forest. She has recovered her credit card.

    Debit card used fraudulently
    Victim’s debit card was used for $2,389.17 worth of stuff. Crime occurred outside jurisdiction.

    Credit card info stolen, purchase thwarted
    A person reported that his Citicard had been compromised and that someone had tried to purchase $1,800 worth of stuff at Bloomingdale’s in San Francisco. The potential victim had been traveling through Texas and Colorado and doesn’t know where the information used to compromise his card was taken.

    Needed a bathroom?
    Reporting party is the realtor for a bank-owned property which was foreclosed on. When she came to check on the property, she found that nearly all the light fixtures, all the toilets, and all the doors were missing. Reporting party believes that the prior owners walked off with these items when the property was foreclosed. Report needed for insurance purposes.

    Stolen water?
    A property owner reported that his water bill at his vacation home had been fluctuating between $80 per month and $5,000 per month. He believes that someone is stealing his water. A plumber and Cal Am both checked for leaks and there are none. There have been prior reports of wonky meters in Pacific Grove so the officer advised the property owner to go back to Cal Am.

    A person was asked by a tourist family to take their picture, then they left the area. After they’d gone, the erstwhile photographer found they’d left behind a backpack with a camera lens in it. Later, a person called about the lens and said they were friends with the owner, that the owner is from Korea and is now visiting the Los Angeles area. Hopefully they don’t want to take and special shots with their lens while they’re down there.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!
    A person reported seeing subject collide with multiple vehicles. He was found later passed out in his vehicle. He admitted to taking prescription medication and feeling tired. He was arrested, booked, and released on citation.

    Stolen check cashed
    A female posing as a possible customer visited a business office on Fountain Ave. Later he noticed a check missing, and when he called his bank, they advised that a woman had cashed it. The bank will provide video of the transaction.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 3, 2012

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