• Police Log 7/6/13-7/12/13

    Itsy Bitsy Burglars

    Unknown suspects entered a locked house through the doggy door. It is unknown if they took only items that could be removed through same door.

    Hopefully just an unsupervised science experiment

    Two male juveniles started a fire in the rear of an apartment building. No damaged to complex or other property.

    Some fancy laundromat

    Upon entering a supposedly-vacant house, the real estate agent and her client were met by an unknown white male who was doing laundry and claimed to be an owner of the residence.

    He’s better off playing the lottery

    Reporting party stated that their father has been sending money to scammers for two years, convinced that any day they will send him one million dollars as promised. The incident could not be documented because the father truly believes he is participating in a legal business transaction.

    Is there an app for that?

    Convinced she needed proof of the loud noise from the neighbor’s power tools, the reporting party recorded the whirring sound on their phone and presented this as evidence of noise violation.

    Do they charge sales tax?

    Police were advised of a business conducting drug sales made inside the establishment during and after business hours.

    Thief takes advantage of free offer

    Male reported that property was stolen from his unlocked vehicle.

    Must be from a big city

    An argument that began about a parking space devolved into derogatory remarks, pushing, shoving, throwing punches, then fleeing when the police arrived.

    Definitely needs the locater app

    Party reported theft of a cell phone but did not know if it was taken from her car or her residence or where or by whom.

    Here’s your sign

    Stopped for a traffic violation, Victor Daniel Martinez was arrested for driving under the influence on a suspended license. Suspect was arrested, booked and released on a citation.

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