• Police Log 7/7/12-7/13/12

    False alarms (Registered)
    Forest Ave.
    12th St. (caused by an errant kitty)
    12th St., second response.
    Arena Ave., a motion detector
    Sunset Dr., a motion detector in the front room or hall.

    False alarm (not registered)
    17 Mile Dr.

    Camera on the Rec Trail. A business name was found in a picture of an event, so officers left a message with that company saying they’d found the camera. Be careful what pictures you leave on your camera. Or not.
    Rent check on its way to sea. The check was by the storm drain. Public Works found it. Owner was contacted.
    Wallet found on the bike trail between the Aquarium and Lovers Point. Owner identified and contacted.

    Vehicle theft
    A vehicle was stolen from a tow yard in Seaside. It was recovered in Pacific Grove and the suspects admitted the theft.

    Going fishing?
    An outboard motor was stolen from a boat on Spruce Ave.

    Unauthorized use of debit card
    Reporting party says someone used his debit card without his permission.

    Unauthorized use of credit card
    Reporting party says someone used his credit card without his permission. Not the same guy who reported the debit card misuse.

    Probably not all they lost
    A camera was lost in Las Vegas. Report for information only.

    Patriotic thief?
    An American flag was stolen from a residence on 9th St.

    A man reported that his neighbor, a woman, knocks on his door at all hours and leaves him notes on his door and on his car. When confronted by officers, she said she hadn’t contacted him in at least a week.

    Fell for an Internet scam
    A man reported that his father had fallen for an Internet scam and sent an unknown amount of money overseas thinking that he had an inheritance coming from overseas.

    Mountain bike ridden off
    A mountain bike was stolen from a carport on Grove Acre.

    Mountain lion sighted
    A full grown mountain lion was reported walking down the street on Sinex, headed for 17 Mile Drive.

    Planning a trip?
    Two suspicious characters were contacted. One was on probation and was searched, turning up a passport – not his.

    Fireworks confiscated
    On Spruce Ave., the perp was seen holding a backpack which he tried to conceal when he saw the police. Consent search revealed 13 bottle rockets and 2 wolf pack 10-shot candles. Whatever that is. Anyway, the fireworks were disposed of in a blue bin in the Police Department’s firing range.

    Thank you for the neutering job and four months room and board
    Four and a half months ago a kitty adopted a man on Ripple Ave. He photographed it and hung flyers around and when no one claimed it, the man decided to keep it and had it neutered etc. The cat had free rein of the neighborhood but came home every night. One night, it didn’t come home. Turns out the neighbors had put it in their house and were claiming it was their cat. They brought over a child who cried and said it was his cat, four months later. They have paid for the neutering. The cat has escaped once and came back, but the man has pretty much written the incident off.

    Animal welfare
    Someone reported that some dogs in a motor home might be in need of assistance, but when the officer arrived the dogs did not appear to be in distress, and weren’t panting. The officer left a note for the owner, who later called and said his family had lost their home and were staying in the motor home, parking near the beach in the daytime and going to a campground at night. The dogs had food and water and the vent of the motor home is left open.

    Bark bark bark
    The dogs hadn’t been an issue for a long time, but when the reporting party came in to the police station the dogs had been barking through the night. The officer left a message for the dogs’ owner who called and said she would deal with the pet sitter.

    (Bark bark bark)
    Dogs were reported on Melrose Pl., but when the officer got there, there were no barking dogs. The reporting party said she figured the owners had come home and taken the dogs in.

    Chomp chomp chomp
    In the night the reporting party hear noises coming from outside. The dog began to growl and she thought she heard it chasing someone. She brought it in the house and discovered it had blood on its mouth and paws. When she tried to examine it it tried to bite her, which was odd. Then she discovered it had a lump on its head. A vet confirmed that yes, it definitely had a lump on its head. Could have been thumped with something or another.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 13, 2012

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