• Police Log 8/11/12-8/17/12

    Egg on their face oops building
    A building on Jewell was vandalized with eggs. No suspect information.

    Found wallet, can’t find son
    A wallet was turned in, having been found near Hoffman and Wave. Police contacted the owner’s father, who said he had no way to contact his son, who apparently has been in California for the past six months or so. All the addresses the police tried were no good either. If you are a son who lost your wallet, try PGPD to see if it’s yours.

    Ordnance found: If you hear a large boom…
    A daughter going through a family storage area found a grenade and some other ammunition. Monterey Sheriffs bomb squad responded and determined it was inactive. It was turned over for destruction.

    Purse lost
    A woman reported losing her purse on Ocean View Blvd. while shopping in Pacific Grove.

    Wallet lost
    A woman lost her wallet somewhere near Asilomar and Sinex while walking on 8/7/12.

    Bag lost, bag found
    A woman reported losing her bag from her motorized scooter. She had crisscrossed her travels but to no avail. Later she called say it had been found propped up in a place she had already looked. She’s very happy to have it back but wanted to make a report for documentation in case her personal information was compromised.

    Hit and run, Arkwright Ct.
    On 8/5/12. No suspects at this writing.

    Potential suspect in above hit and run booked . . .but not for hit and run
    Two people were contacted as potential suspects in the above hit and run, and one was found to have warrants and to be under the influence of alcohol in violation of probation terms.

    Found bike on Quarterdeck
    A bicycle was found on Quarterdeck and stored for safekeeping. Must have been a big ship.

    False alarms
    Jewell Ave., probably triggered by a power outage.
    Lighthouse Ave. x2
    Fountain Ave.
    Ocean View, probably caused by masonry workers on the premises.

    Found wallet, Seal Beach
    Someone turned in a wallet found in the iceplant near the rec trail near Seal Beach. The identification is from out of the area. The owner came in the next day looking for it.

    Not the place to run a stop sign
    A driver, Reyna Navarrette, failed to stop at a stop sign in front of a patrol car. When pulled over, she was found to be under the influence and was booked.

    Honest, Ossifer, it was the alcohol speaking, not me
    A person on 9th Street claimed he had been pushed out of a moving vehicle. He displayed several signs of being drunk but none of having been pushed from a vehicle. Later he said he had been telling a story and blamed it on the drink. He was transported to CHOMP.

    Bark, bark, bark due to dead batteries
    On 10th Street, dogs have been barking since the reporting party moved in. The height of the buildings makes an echo chamber and compounds the problem. The reporting party said they were waiting, hoping that the dogs would get used to them and quit barking, but it didn’t happen. He was advised of how to file a complaint, and the officer also contacted the owner. The owner said the batteries in the anti-barking device were kaput. The officer hopes they’ll work it out between themselves.

    Bracelet claimed from Bin #3
    A bracelet and some other items that had been in Bin #3 in the property room were claimed by the owner.

    Foreigner’s son will just have to stay in jail
    A scam phone call was reported. Emanating in a foreign country, the caller said they needed money to get an injured son out of jail. The person on the other end of the line didn’t fall for it.

    Vandalism claim dismissed for lack of evidence
    A person claimed there was vandalism to his window on Ocean View Blvd., but there was no evidence.

    Three Vehicle v. Vehicle incidents
    One on Congress, one on Fountain. No injuries.
    Another, on Ocean View, resulted in three complaints of pain and two with minor injuries.

    Burglary from vehicle, Forest Ave.
    A victim reported his vehicle was broken into while parked in a public parking lot on Forest. Some $7-8,000 in equipment was stolen.

    If a burglar answers…
    A man called home and thought he heard a male voice say “Let’s get out of here.” He was concerned because his wife was on her way home and he didn’t want her to interrupt a burglary. They waited for the police to arrive before entering the home, which was found to be secure. Police determined it was probably cell phone interference.

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