• Police Log 8/18/12-8/24/12

    Unreasonably noisy complaint
    There was a complaint of unreasonable noise as a customer vented on an employee at a business on Forest Ave.

    Supersize lock changing
    A man reported that someone was trying to drill out the locks at a home where he was trying to make a short sale purchase. The home was empty of furnishings and appliances and the guy doing the drilling had a work order from the bank.

    Fireworks and mustard
    There were three reports of fireworks in the area of Lawton Ave. When officers arrived, one neighbor pointed out the party house and another complained that subjects had put mustard, chocolate sauce and toilet paper on his car. They yelled at the partygoers to clean up the car. The officers knocked on the door and made lawful entry, noting that occupants were running out the back door. The remaining party animals were advised to turn down the music and quit setting off fireworks. No details in the police report as to whether they were made to clean up the mess next door.

    Belly bag found at Country Club Gate
    A belly bag was found which contained checkbook, credit card, inhaler and medical testing kit. It has been returned to the owner.

    Not a very Christian act
    A woman reported that $260 in paper currency was stolen from her wallet while she served coffee at church. She had left her purse unattended in the kitchen, and when she got home, discovered the money was missing.

    Dog vs. dog
    A dog jumped out of a parked car on Grand Ave. and attacked another dog as it walked by on a leash.

    Dog vs. bicycle
    A dog at large caused injuries to a bicyclist when they collided on Presidio Blvd.

    Dogs. vs. hotel guests
    A guest at a hotel said that dogs barking had kept him up half the night. The officer wanted to have the owner and the hotelier exchange phone numbers in case it happens again, but the dog owner refused because he said it was not his dogs barking. They have a curfew.

    Battery by spit
    A spitter was reported on Central Ave.

    DUI, outstanding warrant on Cedar St.
    No relation. Evelia Diaz was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and was found to have an outstanding warrant.

    Vandalism to truck — fingerprints reveal raccoon
    A truck owner living on Lincoln reported that someone had broken the rear window air deflector on his truck. There were no usable latent fingerprints except those of a raccoon.

    My hedge, my trimming
    A person on Lobos complained that a hedge growing on the fence line between her property and a neighbor’s had been trimmed. She didn’t want it to be trimmed on her side of the fence. The owner of the hedge agreed to let it go rampant in future.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 18, 2012

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