• Police Log 8/25/12-8/31/12

    Un-neighborly events
    Loud music or crabby neighbor?
    A man called police to report loud music coming from a home on Shafter Avenue. When police arrived, there was music, but it wasn’t loud enough to be heard farther away than 5-7 feet. The resident said the neighbor calls his landlord constantly to complain about him, even calling the police when he is in the yard after dark. The neighbor said he would be willing to sign a complaint. Later the same day, the reporting party called to say the resident next door yelled at him, but that there had been no additional yelling or loud music.

    Landscaping or trash?
    A woman who lives on Presidio Boulevard came to the police station to report that her neighbor had placed a piece of broken concrete on her side of the fence. Not only that, he had moved her landscape rocks without her permission. She didn’t want the officer to call the neighbor. The officer suggested that she get a surveillance camera, but she didn’t want to do that either. She said that the police department gets free cameras from the Justice Department so they should lend her a web cam so she could catch the neighbor in the act. Not gonna happen.

    Yelling neighbor
    A woman living in a duplex on Forest Avenue said her neighbor has been disturbing her peace since she called the police on the neighbor a few days earlier. She has an audio recording of the noisy neighbor yelling through the wall at her. Police decided that they would talk with the noisy neighbor because the noisy neighbor is a live-in caretaker for her elderly mother. An interview is scheduled for later.

    Graffiti at Lovers Point
    Red spray paint was used to write on the pier wall, walkway and grill shack.

    Graffiti at Caledonia Park
    On the basketball court. No suspects.

    A person living on Del Monte Blvd. Reported that someone TPed his bushes and put hair gel on his vehicle’s window. He was advised to install motion sensor lights.

    Paraphernalia of the homemade variety
    A homemade bong was found by a dog walker on Shafter Avenue. It consisted of two plastic drink containers with plastic straws, secured by copper weights. (Now you know how to make one.) It was in a black cloth bag and there was an empty glass jar in there as well. The whole thing was dirty so police destroyed it.

    More paraphernalia
    Paraphernalia was also found on 17th Street.

    Abandoned vehicle: Must not be very anxious to sell
    A vehicle on Patterson Lane was marked as abandoned. The owner’s phone number was on a FOR SALE sign in the window, but they didn’t respond so the vehicle was towed. That got the owner’s attention and he later claimed the vehicle.

    Landlord’s son lurking
    A woman who has been renting a home for nine months said the landlord’s adult son, who used to live in the garage area of the dwelling, has been hanging around and, in fact, using an outside electrical outlet to charge his electronic stuff. The landlord (father) told her to call the cops so she did.

    Mountain lion lurking
    A person on Sinex Avenue said he was walking his dog on August 21 and saw an injured deer and a mountain lion. The person said the lion looked at him and his dog, then walked away.

    Lost and found
    A phone was lost in a store on Ocean View Boulevard and is believed to have been stolen.A phone and wallet were found on Foam Street in the middle of the road. The owner was contacted, and when he claimed it said that $46 was missing, but otherwise everything was intact.

    Bagged bag
    A woman said she left her suitcase and a pink bag at a laundromat and when she returned, they were gone.

    The check’s in the mail?
    A woman on Miles Avenue reported that some checks she had mailed had not arrived, though one of the batch did arrive late and had cleared her bank. The others have not. She’ll get back to the police when she has contacted her bank about amounts and numbers.

    Suspicious circumstance — mail
    Another suspicious circumstance involving a piece of mail was reported on Buena Vista Avenue but the report didn’t say what it was.

    Another suspicious circumstance — hand-delivered mail
    A new resident on Park Place said he has been receiving letters placed under his door mat. The letters ask the recipient where another subject is because there’s something about a grand jury in Texas and some methamphetamine use. In one of the letters, the person listed a phone number so that recipient wanted the sender to be contacted and told not to send them any more.

    Scam on Craigslist
    A woman reported that she applied for a housekeeping job on Craigslist. She was sent a check for more than her fee with instructions to cash it and return the difference to a third party in Arkansas. Darn. She did it. The check was bad, of course, and she’s out $1400.

    Scam on the phone
    A man solicited a woman, saying he could save her ten percent on her energy bill, but when he asked for personal information from her bill she refused and he hung up.

    Peeping Tom
    A person reported a suspect climbed onto the roof to look through a bathroom window on 6th Street.

    Pooping in a taxi
    A cab fare pooped in the back seat of a taxi (though not, apparently, on purpose) and refused to pay damages. The lucky police officer verified the damage and eventually convinced the pooper to pay for cleaning of the seat.

    Theft from parked vehicle, additions to an unlocked vehicle
    Electronic items were taken from a parked, unlocked car on Eardley Avenue. Conversely, stuff was put into a parked, unlocked car on Forest Avenue. (My husband always warns me this might happen.)

    Banging around
    Vehicle 1 did not yield to Vehicle 2 when making a left turn on Pine Avenue.
    Non-injury accident on Presidio Boulevard.
    Vehicle collision on private property on David Avenue.
    Vehicle 1 proceeded through a fence and then turned over on Forest Avenue.
    Mercedes sideswiped GMC (parked).
    Driver opened his door into traffic on Central Avenue. Boom.

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