• Police Log 8/4/12-8/10/12

    Not for sail after all
    A man selling his boat on Craigslist received a text message saying the other party was interested in the boat but was deaf and could only communicate through text messaging. The number he was texting from was in Texas. The boat owner was suspicious and believes it was a scam. He was advised to tell the “deaf” person in Texas that he is no longer interested in selling the boat.

    ‘Washed’ fiver not so clean
    Someone tried to pass a fake $100 bill to buy some gardening stuff. The clerk called the police, but before they arrived the bad guy left. It was a “washed” $5 bill made to look like a $100 bill, but it had USAFIVE in the security strip and a Lincoln watermark. It was all caught on tape but there was no clear view of the suspect’s face.

    Just the cash, ma’am
    Some mail was stolen on Briggs Ave. and was later found near a dumpster on the property. The only item that was torn open was a hand-addressed envelope. The victim believes someone was looking for cash.

    Weapons turned in for destruction
    No indication in the report as to what sort they were.

    Lost wallet now is found
    A person reported losing their wallet but later called to say that it had been found and returned to them.

    Lost wallet still is lost
    A wallet was reported lost by a man, out walking his dog on Walnut.

    Lost camera still lost
    A camera and camera bag were reported lost at Lighthouse and Forest.

    Found wallet still found
    A wallet was found on bike trail near Custom House Plaza. Monterey PD was contacted, but the owner had not reported it. Unable to locate a phone number for the owner of the wallet.

    Found bicycle now stored
    A bicycle was found on David Ave. It had not been reported lost or stolen. It has been secured in the corporation yard.

    Pellet gun found
    A pellet gun was found in the roadway on Ocean View Blvd. and was turned in and booked for safekeeping.

    Window shot with pellet gun
    One was used to shoot a sliding glass door. The door shattered. The victim said it was some neighbor boys, who were contacted by the police.

    DUI .08%+. Do the math.
    A woman named Stephanie Glad was stopped for a traffic enforcement stop and was found to be be under the influence of alcohol. She was arrested and booked.

    Minors with alcohol
    Officers were dispatched on a suspicious person call and found two juveniles with a backpack and a six pack of beer. They were cited and turned over to their parents.

    Burglary on 10th Street
    A vehicle window was smashed and a was GPS stolen.

    Epidemic of smashed windows, in fact
    Smashed window, stuff stolen on Sunset Dr.
    Also on Sunset, a vehicle’s window was smashed and a purse – which had been on the floor – was stolen.

    Loud on Lighthouse
    A person reported their neighbor was being loud upstairs. The reporting party was advised to call for officer assistance when the neighbor was being loud, and the property manager was also advised.

    More neighbor problems
    On Monarch Lane, a reporting party said his upstairs neighbor has a device that allows her to see and hear everything he does. He figured the neighbor was calling and harassing his parents. The potential spy wasn’t home, and neighbors said they hadn’t seen anything suspicious. Later the reporting party called the sheriff and said that the spy was on her way to kill his parents who lived in their jurisdiction, but actually the address was no good. A welfare check was attempted at another address for the parents, but they don’t live there anymore. A third welfare check was requested at a Seaside address, too. No one seemed to be in danger.

    Keeping it in the family
    A man on Patterson said that the brakes went out on his work vehicle and he stopped it from rolling with his other car. Not quite clear on whether he was inside either vehicle at the time.

    Lunge lunge lunge
    A woman walking on Crocker was alarmed by a German shepherd type dog lunging at the fence when she walked by. She was worried that the dog could break through the fence. The owner was asked to contact the officer so that the neighbor’s concerns could be discussed.

    Peeping Tom
    Potential prowler reported on 18th St.

    Driving while harassing
    Reporting party said he is in a dispute over some property and that his adversary is having his offduty employees drive back and forth in front of his house. But his adversary said the vehicle and description don’t match any of his employees.

    Phone scam
    A person reported that a company purporting to be a bill collector in New York called him and asked if he lived in Ohio and gave him an incorrect Social Security number. A couple of days later the same scammer called the man’s wife and said they were going to jail the husband if he didn’t pay up. He researched the company and found that there were several complaints about the company. He hasn’t suffered any loss but wanted the incident reported because he believes it is a scam.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 10, 2012

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