• Police Log 9/1/12-9/7/12

    A person on Gibson reported that someone had gathered up all his solar lights and put them in a grouping on his front lawn. Nothing had been taken, nor had it been damaged.

    Unreasonable noise or unreasonable spouse?
    A woman reported her husband, who lives at another address, came to stay the night but refused to leave in the morning. It was listed as an unreasonable noise incident. Hmmm.

    Found backpack
    Across from the rec trail – it had sunscreen and towels, so it was not likely a camper.

    Not designed to do that
    A woman reported that her former boyfriend broke her computer by folding it the wrong way. He was on probation so he was taken to county jail.

    Relatives in the dog house
    A woman on 17th St. said a file drawer had been jammed shut, an electronic adapter plugged into a plug in the bathroom, and the dog house in the yard had been moved about five feet. She said she has a lot of people staying there because of work being done since her mother’s death, but she thinks someone – a family member or friend – is doing these things to upset her.

    Racoons don’t say “yahoo!”
    A person reported that someone ran into a garbage can next to the road, yelled out “Yahoo!” and fled the scene. No suspects.
    It happened again on Grove Acre. Well, the knocking over part, but not necessarily the “Yahoo!” part.

    An artist without their paints is like a fish out of water. Color.
    A person reported losing their watercolor paint set at Lovers Point Park on Sunday, 8/28/12.

    Drunk in public
    A person was found passed out and unable to care for himself. Booked and later released on a citation.

    Unauthorized withdrawals
    A person reported unauthorized withdrawals from his bank account via an ATM machine.

    Found bicycle Laurel Ave.
    Cleared registration. Stored at the city yard.

    Guess it’s not your average 10-cent grocery bag
    Found bag on Sunset. She’d like to claim it if the owner doesn’t.

    Non-injury collision
    Country Club Gate, private property.

    Left turn from the right lane. That’s right, not correct.
    A person made a left turn across two lanes of traffic on Pine Ave. and was struck.

    Man down
    A man was reported down in the street on Seaview. The officer parked across the traffic to protect him. He was disoriented and unable to identify himself, but he wanted to be sure his recycling was safe and that his mom would come and get it. Eventually he regained some mental awareness and was transported to CHOMP along with his backpack. The log doesn’t indicate whether his mom picked up the recycling.

    Vehicle vs. Pedestrian
    On Forest Ave. Police log doesn’t indicate who won, but we can make assumptions.

    Overdue parking
    A radial arm saw was towed from the lighthouse parking area on Asilomar. No VIN, no plates.

    Another Craigs List scam
    A person responded to a listing on Craig’s List for “Drivers.” Paid $500 as a deposit. There was no job. These scammers should be tarred and feathered for preying on people who need jobs. Wait, that wasn’t in the police log.

    Long memory but not such a good one
    A local man reported that a boyhood friend from 60 years ago has been calling him from Las Vegas claiming the local man molested him as a child. Las Vegas PD will do a welfare check.

    Not too sick to hang out
    A juvenile was allowed to walk home from school because he was sick. But he didn’t. He went to Country Club Gate and hung out. And got captured.

    Hanging out redux
    Juveniles were reported hanging out at an abandoned house. The realtor was contacted and requested to secure the house.

    Breaking up is hard to do
    P-1 reported phone calls and contact attempts from P-2, and says he doesn’t want anything to do with P-2.
    In another incident, a student made a verbal threat toward another student. Turns out it was due to a recent breakup and allegedly a case of jealousy.
    In a third incident, a husband picked up his soon-to-be ex-wife at her mother’s house and took her out of the area, then refused to bring her back.

    No thanks
    A 17 year-old girl told her father she had been offered a ride by a man in a champagne-colored van as she walked to pick up her sister from school. She refused, twice, and the van drove off. She said she wasn’t afraid but he told her father and he called the police.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 15, 2012

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