• Police Log 9/15/12-9/21/12

    Did the officer recommend soap?
    Police were called to settle an argument on Funston Ave. Offensive words were used, but neither party wanted to prosecute.

    Headphones stolen
    Headphones were taken from a student’s backpack while at school. The case will be turned over to the school resource officer for followup with the school and possible video footage of the theft.

    Stuff found
    Something was found on the curb near Forest Grove Elementary. The report doesn’t say what it was, but it was apparently not litter as it was labeled and placed in storage at the City yard.

    New in town
    A 10 year-old boy was observed by an officer riding his bike without a helmet. The boy was new in town and couldn’t provide his address or phone number, but he knew how to direct the officer to his home. The officer took him and his bike home and everyone got a lecture about bicycle safety.

    The case of the smoking sign
    A road sign was observed to be smoking. Actually, it was smoldering, sort of. The tube was apparently full of trash or leaves and some brilliant person decided to use it for an ashtray. A useful bottle of water was poured inside the sign and it didn’t reignite. There were hundreds of potential witnesses because of the Triathlon, but no one saw the perpetrator and everyone involved thinks it was unintentional.

    Purse found, owner in jail
    A purse was found and turned in. The owner, it seems, had been arrested earlier in the evening. Owner says her drivers license was possibly stolen, but she picked up the purse with alternative ID.

    Does yelling count as contact?
    A man on Monterey Ave. said his neighbor yells at him while he’s in his residence. The person doing the yelling was admonished to not have any contact with the neighbor.

    Laundry taken to the cleaners
    The coin box of a laundry at an apartment on Lighthouse was forced open and an unknown number of quarters were stolen.

    Flying surfboard
    A man said he tied his surfboard on his car at Asilomar and on the way home it flew off. He turned around and retraced his route but was unable to find it.

    Truant picked up
    A truant from another school in another city was picked up and held at the police station for parental pick up.

    Disgruntled with customer
    A business owner says a former customer come into her business and yells and tries to use the microwave, and parks in front of the business for long periods of time. The business owner wants police to tell the customer not to return or be arrested for trespassing. The officer couldn’t find the customer.

    Bike found on golf course
    It was turned in and held at the City lot.

    Check scam
    A person received a check for $600 in the mail. She deposited it and sent money to another party, only to find out that the check was fraudulent. People!

    CCUI (Chasing Cat Under the Influence)
    A person reported another person was chasing their cat and yelling profanities. The other party appeared to be intoxicated. No word on whether they caught the cat.

    Donations not donated
    A person had left some discards meant for a particular charity on the sidewalk in front of his house, and when he returned they had been taken but not by the charity he had intended.

    Littering with lunch
    A person reported an ongoing problem with juveniles throwing ice cream, strawberries and cups in the area of his apartment complex.

    In what class did they learn this?
    A student was burned by a home made taser and had visible marks. He said he was a willing participant. The other student was suspended by the time the officer got there to interview him.

    No love tap
    A woman reported being punched by her live-in boyfriend. He was apprehended and arrested. The next day it seems he called but she was too blotto to provide a statement.

    Lost stuff reported
    A wallet on Lovers Point
    A skateboard near Caledonia Park
    A school book at the bus stop on 8th St.

    Paper, scissors, rock, rear window
    A person reported front windshield and rear window of her car on Granite. They next day, they came back with possible suspect info — a family member.
    Same thing happened to the rear window of a car on Walnut but maybe not by the same person as there was no indication they were relatives of the people on Granite.

    Press 2 if no
    A woman reported a collection agency had been harassing her by making automated calls and asking if she knew a certain person, which she didn’t. They said to press one if yes and two if no, so she repeatedly pressed two every time they called, all to no avail. The company was contacted and advised not to bug the woman any more.

    Did she or didn’t she? Only her receipt knows for sure
    A woman suspected of shoplifting was detained. Employees said they thought she had paid for all her items but that they had observed her taking something from her purse and returning it to the shelf. The receipt matched the items in her bag, but they asked that she be admonished not to return.

    DUI over .08
    A woman was driving recklessly and when apprehended, Sara Ann LaForteza was found to be intoxicated.

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