• Police Log 9/22/12-9/28/12

    Computers stolen from an unlocked residence.

    Maybe they won’t miss it ‘til next year
    A patchwork banner that spells out “Happy Birthday” was found near Jewell Park. The person who found it has placed an ad on Craigslist as well.

    Hope he has a receipt
    A man said a woman who lives in Pacific Grove sold him a piece of furniture, for which he says he paid. But now, many months later, she keeps texting him requesting payment. He lives in Monterey and the officer told him it is a civil matter, but he feels it has now crossed a line into harassment and he wants the police the intervene.

    Lost and found, or not
    A wallet was found with military ID. Turned out to belong to a soldier from DLI.
    A man said he lost a brown leather phone case which was of sentimental value as it had belonged to his brother. There’s a phone number written on it.

    Sudden inspiration
    A woman was giving a report about her lost wallet and suddenly remembered where it might be. It was.

    Owner didn’t come back
    A person lost a wallet and a business in the 1100 block of Forest hung onto it hoping they’d come back, but they didn’t. Police contacted the owner who will pick it up.

    Drugs and alcohol
    DUI with blood alcohol more than .08%: Stopped for traffic enforcement, Kelly Hathorn was arrested, booked and released on a citation to appear for driving under the influence of alcohol.
    Hit and run collision: The hitter and runner, Diana Sturdivant, was held until sober an released on a cite to appear.
    Subject was parked in public and had an open container. Steven Munsie was found to be intoxicated, arrested, booked, cited and released.

    Loathe thy neighbor
    A person on Sinex said his neighbor threatened to beat him up.
    A woman on First St. said she felt threatened by a neighbor who had told her not to water her lawn but she was unable to give a specific incident. She had made other reports. The officer tried to contact the neighbor more than once to get his side of it, but only got a recording. The alleged victim called again and left a two-minute voice mail about the problem. Still under investigation.

    Hit and run, non-injury, drivable
    On Lighthouse Ave., on private property.

    Don’t carry dope if you’ve got an outstanding warrant
    During a search incident to his arrest for an outstanding felony warrant, Paul Bauer was found to have approximately 9.5 grams of marijuana.

    Check the ads for landscaping equipment for sale
    Someone stole a garden tool box and gardening items on Central Ave.

    Power outage = alarm malfunction
    On Lighthouse. PG&E was there when officers arrived.

    Another malfunction
    Alarm was sounding on Grand Ave. The building was secure.

    False mailbox alarm (the alarm was false, not the mailbox)
    A man on Dennett St. has an alarm that sounds when his mailbox is opened. At 2:30 in the morning, it sounded but no one was around when he turned on the porch lights. The mailbox had been emptied earlier.

    Old crime, new crime
    A woman on Cedar Street said that about 20 years ago, someone broke into her house and stole some stock certificates worth about $3000. Then she told how she had opened her home to a homeless women who expressed an interest in an antique perfume bottle. Now the bottle is missing, too.

    No pearls
    A woman reported two antique pearl necklaces were missing from her home. She said multiple tenants had access to her home. The officer called area pawn shops but most will not accept pearls. Waiting for callbacks from the tenants.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 28, 2012

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