• Police Log 9/29/12-10/5/12

    Lost & Found
    A wallet was found in the 1200 block of Forest. Unable to contact owner, so a property letter was sent.
    A wallet was found on Lighthouse Ave. The owner was contacted and picked it up.
    A backpack was found on Grand Ave. and turned in. No identification. It will be held for 90 days and some of the contents will be destroyed unless a prescription is produced. Hmmm. Wonder what it is?
    A wallet was found in the Rite Aid parking lot; owner contacted and the wallet was picked up.

    Found bicycle
    A boy’s Specialized bicycle was found on the rec trail and retained by Public Works.

    Stolen bicycles – an epidemic!
    A bicycle was stolen from a front yard on 16th St.
    An unsecured bicycle was stolen from a carport of an apartment complex on Grand Ave.
    A bicycle was stolen from a residence on 2nd St.
    A bicycle was stolen on Lighthouse Ave.

    Attempted burglary
    A person came home to his house on Ransford to find his neighbor waiting for him. The neighbor wanted to tell him he’d seen a black man wearing dark clothing had attempted to break in by prying and smashing his front window. The suspect had also entered and tried to remove power tools from the reporting party’s garage. The suspect was scared too prior to the victim arriving.

    Fighting in public (and in private)
    A couple were involved in a verbal dispute on Forest Ave.
    A couple were involved in a verbal dispute on Lighthouse Ave. No indication in the report as to whether it was the same couple as were fighting on Forest.
    A pair of sisters are involved in an ongoing dispute over their late mother’s stuff. One sister grabbed the other and injured her arm. The other sister says she didn’t do it, that the injuries were self-inflicted. Neither wanted to press charges and the injured sister didn’t want medical treatment.
    Someone reported the sound of glass breaking on Forest Ave. Turns out the residents were “involved in a verbal domestic dispute.” Sounds like it got physical, or else they yelled pretty loud.
    On Grand Ave., a suspect threatened to have his friends beat up the potential victim. The suspect was admonished.
    On Grove St., some neighbors were reported arguing. Nothing physical, just a lot of hollering.

    Sign of drugs for sale or a prank?
    A person on Park Place went to the police station and reported a pair of tennis shoes had been flung over a power line near his house. His friend told him it was a sign that someone was selling drugs. He wanted the shoes removed.

    Caught red-handed
    A guy was caught taking tools from a pickup truck on 14 St. He was arrested and booked and taken to County Jail pending charges.

    Buggy clothes
    Some buggy men’s and women’s clothing was found under a bug-infested blanket near a garbage collection area. They were picked up by Public Works and taken to the yard. Bet THAT made them happy.

    Mountain lion on the loose, headed for McDonald’s
    Two reports of a mountain lion near Country Club Gate: One at 10:00 p.m. on the Forest side, on the side by McDonald’s, and another at 10:15 sauntering around a parking lot near a wooded area. Fish & Game was contacted but the lion had wandered off by then.

    Medical emergencies
    A bicycle rider passed out while trying to call 9-1-1, fell and was injured. It was noticed by another party. The victim’s recumbent bicycle was locked away by police for safekeeping.
    Medical emergency assist in in shopping center parking lot on Eardley. Victim and property transported to CHOMP.
    Chinese tourist, visiting via tour bus, was injured while climbing on rocks off Ocean view Blvd. He was transported to CHOMP.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 29, 2012

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