• Police Log 9/8/12-9/14/12

    Here’s how you do it…or not
    A person reported seeing someone in a black 4-door Toyota showing a gun to a passenger in the car “in an instructive manner.” They drove away before the officer arrived.

    Maybe they were dropped on the way to donate them
    Someone reported 10 CD’s in the street on Forest Ave. One had a Pacific Grove Public Library sticker on it, but the others didn’t. The library person said they weren’t missing any CD’s but they took the one anyway. The others were booked as found property.

    Chomp but no CHOMP
    A woman tried to break up a dog fight and got chomped for her efforts. She refused medical care.

    Wallet found, cash was not
    A wallet found in the parking lot at the airport was turned in. The owner, when he claimed it, said that the only thing missing was the $40 that had been in it.

    A spate of lost stuff – must have been Triathlon weekend
    A wallet on Ocean View Blvd. A wallet on Forest Ave.
    A wrist brace on Pine (oh, dear).
    An ATM card on Lighthouse.
    A cell phone on 17th.

    Not my van, not my license
    A guy was driving a van without the lights on (after dark, of course). The driver had no license and said he had borrowed the van for the first time. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t find the light switch. Anyway, when the officer ran the vehicle, it was discovered that the registration sticker was bogus.

    What is this, an epidemic?
    A vehicle was observed speeding, and when the officer ran a check it was found the orange 2013 sticker didn’t belong to that particular car.

    Fresh graffiti
    An officer on foot patrol noticed fresh graffiti on Country Club Gate Dr.

    Weapon and weed turned in
    A person turned in two weapons and some medical marijuana that had belonged to her deceased brother. Logged for destruction.

    Invisible argument
    An officer responded to a report of arguing and a shot being fired on Junipero. A welfare check was made at the residence where the noise was supposed to have come from, but there was nobody home let alone anyone having an argument.

    Argument, invisible battery
    A witness said they saw a battery incident, but when the victim was contacted they said they’d been involved in an argument but hadn’t been battered.

    BIG argument, everyone visible
    Eight people in the street on Willow were arguing. They were separated and transportation was arranged. Apparently no one was battered.

    False alarm, permitted alarm
    An alarm was sounding on Pine. The officers found the door open and a subject inside the church.

    Resistance is futile
    A person on probation with S&S enhancement ran from the officer when contacted. He was eventually captured and arrested for resisting arrest, plus paraphernalia found during the jail search.

    Photographic evidence
    A person on Crocker said his neighbor’s dogs were loose in the front yard in violation of an agreement. The officer took a picture.

    Photographic evidence II
    Reporting party said there’s a long history of problems between him and his neighbor. On that particular day, he said the neighbor had begun banging around at about 6:00 in an effort to disturb the reporting party’s sleep. He videotaped the neighbor telling his dogs to “get him” and talking about getting him up at 6:00 a.m. But he didn’t want the neighbor to be contacted.

    Now what? Internet scam #??? and counting
    A person reported receiving a check from an “Internet acquaintance” and cashing it. The loss was $30,000.

    Not a St. Anthony medal
    A person reported losing an heirloom religious medal.

    Stopped for vehicle code violations, Karen Campos was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. She was released on a notice to appear.

    Naked man
    A woman reported her neighbor was observed naked in his window. She was concerned because she has teenagers. The officer advised the man to check his blinds, and advised the woman to get some of her own.

    The case of the missing barker
    On Lighthouse, a person complained about barking dogs but when the officer got there, there weren’t any dogs barking let alone any dogs.

    British English, not American
    A driver from the UK apparently hit a parked car and left a note, but it was not readable. It turned out to be a rental. The car, not the note.

    What part of ‘leave me alone…’
    A guy reported his ex-girlfriend is continuing to email and send him messages even though the police had told her not to.

    Extraordinary sniffer
    A teacher reported smelling marijuana in the classroom. The suspect student was found to have marijuana on his person.

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