• Police Log as of 04-20-09

    How about a flat top?
    A married couple decided that their daughter should have her hair cut.  A few minutes later, the couple began discussing exactly how the hair should look.  The discussion expanded into an argument that became so loud that PGPD was summoned.  The officer separated the two and got them to agree to an over-night separation.  The PGPD log made no mention of how the hair-cutting dispute was resolved.

    Will the real party please stand
    A Pacific Grove resident reported to PGPD that he had a real mystery on his hands, so he traveled to Salinas to resolve matters.  Some unknown someone has been using his name, date of birth, and social security number.

    Down but not out
    A Meals-on-Wheels driver attempted to deliver a meal, but his client did not respond to knocks on the door.  Worried, the driver tried peeping through windows.  Inside, the driver spotted the female resident prone on the floor.  PGPD was notified; the fire department and emergency medical services summoned.  The fire department gained entry by removing a front door lock.  AMR found that the woman was still alive.  They treated her on the spot, then transported her to CHOMP.  PGPD assumed responsibility for retrieving a purse and a set of keys, as requested by the victim, and for securing the house.

    Carport treachery
    A Pacific Grove resident parked his vehicle in an Oceanview carport, then went to bed thinking the vehicle would be secure.  Alas, as he discovered the next morning, that was not the case.  His car was gone.

    Well, there’s just no safe place anymore
    A fire department crew parked their truck in a zone with red curbing marked as being set aside for emergency vehicles.  A few minutes later, a call came in.  A motorist had backed into the fire truck, and disappeared afterward.  An inspection revealed no damage to the fire truck.  After the motorist’s tag number was obtained, he was found and his automobile inspected.  It bore a scratch that was described as “small.”  The motorist was advised of his legal responsibility (take note) to report all accidents involving municipal vehicles, regardless of severity.

    She deserves it
    A citation was issued to a young lady by PGPD.  Her father had telephoned the station with a complaint.  His daughter, who was not at home, had contacted him by text message.  Dad said that she had told him that she was not coming home that evening.  Her explanation: “I have things to do.”  She had faulted her obligation before, he said.  PGPD issued the citation for being out after curfew.

    A young man and woman, traveling by bicycles, showed up at Pacific Grove’s golf course.  They yelled insults, mostly about the quality of play, and threw a ball at a woman competitor.  The woman was injured; police were notified.  The couple rode away, then returned.  Again they shouted insults and threw balls.  More golfers were struck.  As police arrived, the pair rode off.  An area search was conducted.

    Dog gone it, be kind.
    PGPD was notified that there was a dog locked up in a kennel in terrible condition.  A woman who had stopped by to check on a duplex, which was being offered for rent, found the animal kenneled inside the structure, residing in collected urine and feces, without food or water.  An officer checked out the residence, and found the dog in exactly the condition described.  The owner was contacted.  This responsible individual stated that the dog had been left in that condition because it was being treated with some medication.  Later, the individual stated that (s)he had forgotten to leave provisions and the windows open.  Stories not discounted, PGPD took charge of the animal.

    Give up garage sales?
    PGPD was contacted with a “sighting” report that involved a man carrying a rifle.  An officer reported to the address provided and discovered a garage sale under way.  The garage sale’s sponsor stated that he had sold an air rifle to an unknown customer, but—not to worry—he had yet another air rifle available.  The officer instructed the sponsor to take the gun inside his house, and find another way to sell it … just to avoid complications.

    Hey, I’m getting upset
    A resident received a phone call, allegedly from her insurance company Blue Cross / Blue Shield.  The caller asked for some personal information, which the subject refused to give.  The caller then angered and demanded a response.  The subject hung up and contacted the police.

    Fraud attempt fails
    Hooray, you’ve won 3.5 million dollars and a brand new car, the caller told this Pacific Grove resident.  Then continued by instructing: Just send us fifty dollars and we’ll initiate delivery of both cash and car.  The woman, a wary and intelligent sort of lady, refused.  The caller said the offer must be legitimate, it was tendered by Global Sweepstakes Clearing House.  The subject thought that if all this were legitimate, there would be no objection to involving police.

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