• Police log though 05/18/09

    Repossessions increasing
    PGPD seems to be receiving an increased number of notifications of automobile repossessions.  Most recently a repo on Cedar Street was made of a 2005 Jeep Wrangler.  From Arkwright Court, repo agents grabbed a KIA Spectra, year not revealed.

    Gave up dad for girlfriend
    A young man and his dad argued … vehemently.  PGPD was notified.  After arrival, an officer found that the young man was upset.  The subject said that his father showed no respect.  He said that he needed to move away from home.  The young man decided that the problem would be solved if he stayed with his girlfriend.  He and the young lady departed together.

    Jewelry snitched
    A woman notified PGPD of a probable theft.  She said that jewelry, which had been kept in a dresser drawer, was missing.  She could offer no suspects, but believed that the theft had occurred during the past week.

    Outta the way, please
    A bus driver attempted a tight turn onto Park Place.  The driver had to back up three times to negotiate the turn.  Each time, the bus collided with a parked car.  A witness notified PGPD of the incident.

    Hey, what’s going on here
    A man reported a continuing dispute between Eardley Street neighbors.  He stated that his female antagonist is leaving trash in her yard.  He believes that she went into her garage and put white paint on her car, possibly to have something to complain about.  PGPD discovered that the paint was of the sort that could be washed off.  The woman, however, was not available for interview.  An officer will try again.

    Can I hit the road?
    A woman showed up at PGPD seeking information. She and her husband quarreled frequently and the woman had finally had enough. She wanted to know if she could separate, taking her kids along, without getting into trouble. After being told she could, the woman asked about the process for an eviction. Again, she was given information.  The woman departed, evidently determined to start the various processes. Just whom is to be evicted was not revealed.

    Officer rivals Sherlock Holmes
    This officer found him/herself involved a real mystery.  The officer had been flagged down by a concerned citizen. The citizen had been trying to assist an elderly woman who had been wandering in the neighborhood.  Upon questioning, the woman recalled that she had moved to Pacific Grove with her son just a short while ago.  Many important details had slipped her mind, however-such as her name, her son’s name, her address, etc. The officer, perplexed about how to help the lady, started digging around. At last he discovered a billing statement from a medical office. A call there revealed the woman’s name and address. She was reunited with her son, who explained that mom had some trouble with dementia. He promised to keep closer watch on her activities.

    Well, I tried
    PGPD was notified of a woman who not only was holding a knife, she was using the instrument to cut herself. After arrival at the scene, the subject was found to have several wounds. She advised the officer that the injuries had been self-inflicted. The woman was transported to CHOMP for a mental evaluation.

    Worried about a possible headache?
    An officer interviewed two individuals who had been sitting together in an automobile.  One of the individuals was found to be on parole. A subsequent search of the car revealed a bottle containing tablets. Lab testing indicated that the tablets were Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

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