• Police log through 05-10-09

    Still another abandoned vehicle
    A PGPD officer on patrol spotted a vehicle he believed might not belong where it was located, unattended … in the 1000 block of Short street.  The officer stopped and conducted a vehicle check.  The vehicle turned out to be an unmarked U-Haul truck.  The plates, which were issued by Arizona, had expired in September, 2006.  According to the provisions of the California Vehicle Code, the vehicle was towed and impounded.

    He’s eager to help
    An informant stopped in at the police station to offer help.  He stated that the day before he had reported on an act of vandalism, and now felt that he knew who the culprit was.  He advised police that the suspect was not only using crack cocaine, he was selling the drug as well.  Sales were taking place out of the suspect’s home.  The informant alleged that the suspect was driving a Nissan and was using stolen automobile tags.  He said the car was parked in an alley with a tarp thrown over it.  The suspect has been harassing him, reported the informant, and he wanted that stopped.  He offered to help police in any way that he could.

    It looked like the real stuff
    A Pacific Grove landlady was cleaning one of her apartments after the tenant departed.  When she opened the freezer she noted a plastic bag with a quantity of what looked like marijuana inside.  The landlady then provided police her former renter’s name.  The baggie and contents were placed in evidence.

    He did so
    A sister called PGPD to report on her brother.  In a fit of rage, the brother had grabbed her by the arms, shook her, and caused bruises on her body.  An officer photographed the alleged injuries, then telephoned the brother.  The sibling denied having any physical contact with his sister.

    Out of one problem, into another
    A subject was being taken out of the PGPD booking area prior to release when he slipped off a step and sprained his ankle.  The subject attempted to break his fall by making a quick step to his left, but failed.  American Medical Response and the Monterey Fire Department both arrived to render assistance.  The emergency workers found that the subject had scraped both knees.  He allowed the emergency crew to bandage his knees, but refused attention by a hospital.

    Hot party gets cooled
    An informant telephone PGPD to complain about a noisy party taking place in the 1100 block of Pico Avenue.  Drinking was occurring, and some of the revelers appeared to be underage.  The party was soon broken up and the resident was cited for permitting underage drinking at his address.

    Car burglarized
    The subject’s car was broken into while it was parked on Oceanview.  Stolen were a GPS device and computer equipment.

    Any paper work?
    A car owner had parked his vehicle in front of his residence.  Some time during the night, an unknown subject(s) smeared the vehicle with feces.

    Well, I’m old enough to get in
    An elderly lady complained to PGPD that she had been abused by her caretaker.  She was transported to CHOMP for a look-over.  The lady was admitted to the hospital after complaining of nausea and physical weakness, even though no sign of injury could be seen.

    A case of cat nip
    A subject took her cat to Ocean View Veterinary Hospital for a check-up.  While the exam was in progress, the cat bit an attending assistant.  An examination revealed that the cat was not up to date on its shots.  The case has been documented and forwarded to animal control.

    That’s dog-gone bad
    A PG resident contacted PGPD to advise of a black SUV parked across from her home.  Three Hispanic males were inside, apparently keeping their eyes on things.  Later, after the SUV departed, the lady noticed that her dog was missing.  She believes the pet was stolen by the men.

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