• Police log through 05-25-09

    No hard feelings
    A resident was out walking her dog.  The animal was leashed.  Without warning, a second dog-a white husky-came running up from behind and attacked the woman’s pet.  An officer checked out the leashed animal and discovered no obvious wounds.  Later, the husky was caught and the officer was able to get in touch with the dog’s owner.  This individual apologized and stated that his husky had evidently dug under the back fence, but was waiting in the front yard when he got home.  The lady said there was no real problem.  She just wanted the gentleman to be aware of what his pet had done.

    No one is hurt
    It was on Sunset Blvd.  The bumper of vehicle #1 struck the rear bumper of vehicle #2.  The fire department had to clear vehicle #1 of leaking fluids before it could be driven.  Vehicle #2 was towed away.

    Where’s my mail going now?
    The occupant(s) of a passing car, perhaps maliciously, damaged a mail box and garbage cans.  The owner could provide no leads as to suspects.

    Witness tried to be good Samaritan
    A juvenile on probation decided to get some fresh air by riding his skateboard recklessly in and out of traffic.  A witness spotted the young man and called PGPD.  The PGPD called a probation officer.  A witness said that the youngster had “flipped him off” and used foul language after the witness advised the youngster of the danger he was putting himself in.  The young man admitted the charges.  He was issued a warning and advised again of his probation’s terms.  PGPD will send a copy of the warning to the juvenile probation office.

    Well … it was my mother-in-law
    A husband advised a visiting police officer that a call from his wife’s mother had piqued his ire.  The husband and his wife began arguing … vehemently.  Soon, a neighbor called PGPD to complain about all the noise.  An officer was sent to the scene.  He advised the couple to knock off the fighting and keep it quieter … for the neighbor’s sake.  The mother-in-law was not mentioned.

    Just a quick puff
    A victim said that her car had been broken into and an iPod stolen.  She theorized that the villain may have lingered a while.  The woman is a non-smoker, but she discovered ashes deposited in her car and she said that the vehicle’s interior smelled of smoke.

    I just can’t handle it
    A wife and her husband argued over the disciplining of a foster child.  The woman grew irate.  After an officer responded to complaints of a disturbance, she admitted that she was taking medications for a mental problem that left her unable to cope.  The officer advised the couple to give up fighting and seek counseling.  Both agreed.

    Just say go … please
    A woman and her sister were left a piece of property by the late father.  The problem is that someone is already living there, occupying an old recreational vehicle.  The women have confronted the man and asked him to leave.  He agreed, but has never followed through.  The woman said they are afraid of the squatter, as was their father, and wanted to know how to get rid of him.  The officer advised the woman of the eviction process.

    Sorry, dental problems come first
    A woman who was recently released from the hospital soon noticed that her “unofficial”, male, care-giver was not coming around any more.  She contacted PGPD and asked to have a welfare check made.  The officer found the man at home.  He said that he had been having dental work done and simply could not stop by the woman’s house.  However, he promised to do so as soon as his dental ordeal is over.

    Whose stuff is this?
    A woman passed on.  Shortly thereafter, PGPD was contacted by a party who said her deceased aunt’s daughter was removing some property from the aunt’s home.  She wanted the police to check things out.  An officer called on the daughter.  He was shown documentation indicating that the daughter had been named executor and attorney-in-fact by mom.  He contacted the complaining party, advised her of the status of the dead woman’s affairs, and advised her to contact an attorney if she was dissatisfied with the arrangement.

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