• Police log through 06-06-09

    No hard feelings
    A resident came to the PGPD office to lodge a complaint.  There is a car that is parked on the street near his home.  It appears that someone is inside the car virtually 24 / 7.  The complainant does not know if the subject is homeless or if he just likes to spend a lot of time in vehicle … often with a compamion.  What he does know is the subject plays music too loudly and smokes who knows what most of the time.  The complainant wanted information on how to best handle the problem.

    Slick thief
    A gentleman decided to have lunch at the 17th Street Grill.  He left his cell phone unattended for a few minutes.  When he went to get the phone, it was no longer there.  No employee had noticed the phone.  The owner reported it stolen.

    Burglarizing cars getting popular
    Several vehicle owners reported that their cars were broken into and vandalized during the night.  One owner also reported that his wallet, which he left in the car, had vanished.  The other owner said that $12 in quarters had been removed.  Another owner reported that his car door and its glove box had been opened, but that nothing appeared to be missing.  Still another owner reported that her car had been opened and a black briefcase stolen.  Still another reporter revealed that a flashlight had been taken from his vehicle.

    One but not both?
    A disgruntled dad spent some time with one of his two daughters.  Mom grew tense and said that dad could not spend time with one daughter without including the second girl.  Dad produced his divorce document which does not require him to see only both daughters.  He asked that a copy of the agreement be kept on file.

    Three car crack-up, one disappears
    A white Cadillac was waiting at an intersection to make a left turn.  A green Toyota pickup pulled up behind the Cadillac.  A red Honda followed, but failed to stop.  The collision caused the Toyota to ram the Cadillac.  The red Honda backed up and drove away without stopping.  PGPD issued a BOL (Be On the Lookout) for the car.

    Waving his weapon
    PGPD officers were dispatched to a location where a man had been allegedly brandishing a firearm.  Shortly thereafter, they had the suspect under arrest.  He was cited, then released.

    Just a friendly call
    A complainant said that a Hispanic, male teenager had knocked on his residence door shortly after 1 a.m.  When the caller was told that police were on the way, he departed.

    Not too healthy, eh
    PGPD received report of a house that was alleged to be a health threat.  A check revealed that the home was piled with garbage.  The owner said that he was not happy with the situation, but that the occupant would be moving out shortly.  He was particularly distressed by the excessive mildew.  PGPD plans to notify the county health department.

    Strange bedfellows
    A resident complained that an on-going feud between two neighbors is so loud that it disturbs the entire area.  He complained about the situation, and is now afraid that the former “feuders” may now turn their ire on him, out of “payback” for his actions.

    No wonder, really
    When an officer arrived at the scene, it required little time at all to understand why the prone man was unresponsive.  An informant had observed while he drank 1/3 liter of vodka backed up with a twelve-pack of beer.  Oxygen and sternum rubs brought him into consciousness, where upon he began vomiting.  AMR transported him to CHOMP for evaluation.

    Nice party, wrong age
    Officers were dispatched to an address to check out a noise complaint.  They found a party underway … with one problem.  Alcohol was being provided to minors.  Citations were issued.

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