• Police Log through 1/16/09

    Snippets from the station log
    by Jon Guthrie

    Isn’t the location good enough?
    A man contacted the Pacific Grove police station to report that a female subject was causing problems. However, when asked what the woman had said to him that might be considered “problems”, the man said that he couldn’t recall. The incident allegedly occurred at Lovers Point. When the woman was contacted, she admitted to the incident during which she said she had lost her cool and used a racial slam. The incident was filed for information purposes.

    Wha’sh the Score?
    The subject decided to attend a high school basketball game, never mind that he was drunk. A police officer was summoned. As the officer approached the subject, the man fled. After a chase on foot, the subject was apprehended, arrested, and transported to the county jail … where he is expected to sober up. His jailers will probably advise him of the game’s outcome.

    No license required on bike trail!
    A young woman reported to police that while on the bike path, she believed that she lost her driving license and military ID. The report was for information only, but she hoped the lost would be found.

    I’m outta here!
    A female subject lost her job. Distressed, she began drinking and became intoxicated. That was when the subject got into it with her husband. The gentleman departed the scene on foot to avoid being accosted by his wife. Reunited, both parties agreed to go to bed, perhaps separately, and try to resolve their issues in the morning.

    Not worth anything, anyway
    A truck was discovered in bad shape. The interior door panels had been removed. The truck bed was filled with brush and trash. The vehicle also contained a Chrysler engine of the marine type. Officers summoned a tow truck to remove the vehicle.

    Owner should be easy to find
    The owner has yet to be notified, but the police have a little something found in a parking lot. The inventory includes a California driving license, a gift card for Olive Garden, a VISA issued by Borders, and a Gold VISA issued by WaMu.

    Where’s the girl friend?
    A police officer responded to a complaint about a “moaning” dog. Contact of the dog’s owner resulted in being informed that the sound was “love” moaning which would continue for twenty-three days. The investigating officer was either unimpressed or not very romantic. The owner was advised to find a way to keep the animal quiet or he (the owner) would be cited.

    Make mine with fries!
    Archie’s All American Diner was broken into by someone looking for more than a great hamburger. Entry had been gained by breaking a window. Archie’s safe was then pried open and an undermined amount of cash taken. Old-time photos were removed from the wall. The culprit may soon be apprehended, however. Police collected considerable evidence. Investigators plan to interview an employee at a later time.

    Which dimension shall we check?
    A father was worried about his son, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, because the young man had stopped taking his medications. Dad said that the son evidently suffered a “melt down” caused by losing a dollar bill while at a Pacific Grove store. The subject claimed that he was “between dimensions” where someone, possibly a demon, was after him. He told his dad that he had decided to end the world, then departed on foot. Dad asked the police department to keep an eye out.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 16, 2009

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