• Police Log through 1/2/09

    by Jon Guthrie

    Oh, here it is! Is my face red?
    A gentleman contacted police to report that he had lost a money clip. The complainant stated that he was parked on Forest near Spruce. He had gotten in and out of his car several times while parked there, between noon and one o’clock, and he figured that was when the clip must have disappeared. The clip held credit cards and about $15 cash. Everything was missing for just over three hours. But then … his day must have brightened. That’s when the gentleman called back to report that the lost had been found.

    Here daughter, you take her.
    An officer was alerted to a woman driving erratically. After executing a stop, the officer requested that the woman perform several tests to determine if she were sober. The suspect failed. The officer executed an arrest, then took the suspect to CHOMP for a blood test. The suspect was not booked into jail afterward, however. PG police kindly released the woman into the custody of her daughter.

    Hey! It’s a party!
    A group meets twice weekly at a Pine Avenue location for a little … well, carousing. A weary individual telephoned police to protest the noise. The officer spoke with an individual who claimed to be sub-letting the property. Alas … the noise, by then, had subsided. The officer advised the complainant to call the station nest time while the hoopla was still going on.

    Needed some more Christmas cash?
    An officer was dispatched to an address on Pine Garden Lane after a theft was reported. The pilferage was from an automobile that had not been locked. Stolen was a purse containing about $60. The victim was advised that it was a good idea to keep vehicles secured. There are grinches as well as Santas around.

    Must have the season’s spirit!
    A couple were wrapping Christmas gifts when an argument broke out about who was going to wrap the rest of the presents. The man lost his temper and began kicking at the walls of the bedroom. An officer arrived to check on the altercation, and counseled both parties about learning to handle their issues.

    Here! Plug up those ears!
    A complainant who doesn’t like noise called the police to let them know that his roommate was playing the television so loudly it was impossible for him to sleep. He wanted information about how to file charges for disturbing the peace. An officer advised the man that he might try ear plugs instead. To be helpful, the officer provided a pair of foam plugs from the police department firing range.

    Ugh! Get rid of those UGGs!
    A woman, who had chosen to wear UGGs for a drive to town, found the boots weren’t designed for controlling automobiles. After entering the parking lot at the Wells Fargo bank, the woman tried to apply the brakes. Nothing doing. UGGs complicated the maneuver. Damage to the pole she hit was moderate. Damage to the car was also listed as moderate. It turned out to be a draw. She and the bank manager exchanged insurance information.

    Looking for Derek!
    An officer was dispatched to examine damage done two parked vehicles, both parked trucks. One vehicle had been adorned with gold spray paint, the other with purple. The insignia slopped on the vehicles appeared to read “Derek”.

    Once again … no medication for me, thank you.
    A subject has been telephoning a local behavioral health center over and over again to let them know he intends not to participate in the program. In the past, however, he has been treated with both medications and therapy. The center reports that he is believed to have a bipolar disorder and to suffer from an anti-personality disorder as well. An officer spoke to the subject and asked that he telephone the center only when he plans to continue treatment. The subject told the officer where he thought he should go, but then agreed.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 2, 2009

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