• Police Log through 1/23/09

    Snippets from the station log
    by Jon Guthrie

    Broken, not bent
    A subject was being pursued by Monterey Police, traveling fast in the attempt to get away. The vehicle attempted to negotiate a left turn on Jewel Street … and failed, striking a light pole instead. The pole broke. The suspect may also be broke after court proceedings.

    When you gotta go…
    An officer noticed a female doing two things very odd for so early in the morning. The woman was urinating in a garden, then swimming in a pool. Upon being confronted, the woman indicated that she would voluntarily check into the mental health service at CHOMP. The officer decided to notify the subject’s sister to report that the subject was being transported, and where. The officer learned that the woman had previously been reported as a missing person by the Monterey Police Department.

    Starting out young
    After being advised that two suspicious subjects had been seen loitering by the man’s car, the victim learned that his wallet had been removed from the vehicle. The couple who had been spotted were described as a male and female wearing athletic attire. The male wore white clothing, the female black. Both parties were heavy-set and young. Estimated ages were between 13 and 15 years.

    Barking dog may be cause of retaliation
    A male subject noticed that the hasp on his gate had been damaged. An officer, who checked the report, discovered that the hasp’s screws had been partially forced from the post. The reporting subject indicated that he had been having a problem with his dog’s barking, and his neighbors had complained. The subject speculated that the deed had been accomplished by one of the neighbors who wanted the dog to get outside so it would be struck by passing traffic.

    But the meat’s already gone
    A resident living on Ocean View Blvd reported that is was her practice to keep a large clam shell on her porch. She noticed that the clam had disappeared. She believed it was stolen Saturday afternoon. Probably not for the purpose of making chowder, however.

    Loose a purse?
    A good Samaritan discovered a purse sitting abandoned on a brick wall. She promptly turned it over to police. There wasn’t much inside the purse, just make-up and a pocket knife, but there was also a pair of glasses. Those might be valuable.

    Car vs. bike, bike looses
    A bike rider noticed a car being driven out of a parking lot. The two-wheeler braked hard and twisted the bike so as to not get hit by the vehicle. To no avail. The rear of his bike struck the vehicle. The bike’s rear frame and wheel were damaged. The auto, however, apparently suffered no ill effects. It drove away from the scene.

    Struck by truck
    A pedestrian was crossing the street in a designated crosswalk on David Avenue when he was struck by truck. Obvious injuries included both legs broken plus a broken hip, The victim was transported by helicopter to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where he was questioned about the incident.

    Big blast avoided on trail
    A reporting party advised police that he had noticed a piece of ordnance lying beside the recreation trail near Ocean View Blvd. Police checked and found what looked like a munition in a 20 X 5 inches, grey, metal container which seemed to be in poor shape. The officer recognized the device as an MK 58 Navy Signal Marker. Specialists were contracted at Travis Air Force Base and asked to provide removal services. Upon arrival, the specialists took the explosive to the Presidio of Monterey. Army engineers took the device to a site on the former Fort Ord, where explosives are destructed.


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