• Police Log through 2/27/09

    Interested in golfing maybe?
    Wiley Coyote may be checking out Pacific Grove neighborhoods to see which offers the best options for moving into, and the best golf in the area. Police first received a report of a coyote sighting in the vicinity of Pico and Grove Acre. About fifteen minutes later another sighting was reported, this one nearer 17 Mile Drive. The officer who was dispatched found and followed this animal toward the Spanish Bay Resort. The animal seemed to be in bad shape, the officer reported. Not only was it malnourished, the animal had lost much of its hair and had suffered an injury on its left haunch.

    Uh Oh! What’s that?
    A resident notified police of suspicious circumstances. There seemed to be something unusual, possibly dangerous, beneath the individual’s car. The responding officer had a look. What was discovered was a toy hand grenade.

    Let’s meet and talk
    A Pacific Grove resident lamented to police that he was being evicted from his residence. He asked the officer what could be done about the situation. The officer met briefly with the resident, then went off to telephone the home owner and request a second meeting to talk matters over again.

    Suspicious object
    A call came into police headquarters indicating that the caller had noticed a suspicious package in front of her home. An officer was dispatched to check the matter out. There, the officer found an abandoned or lost backpack. It was a “Stuff” brand marketed by Hilary Duff. The officer transported the case back to the station where it will be held until an owner can be identified and located.

    Who’s calling, please
    An officer was presented a cell phone which a by-stander had found. By using the phone’s directory, police were able to determine the owner. A phone call brought that person to the station to pick up the phone.

    Attire is a little lacking
    A mother contacted police. The mother indicated that her daughter was in bed when the young lady thought she heard a noise outside the window. The daughter pulled the curtains open so that she could see what was what. She spied a man standing outside, looking in. If that weren’t bad enough, the man was entirely … naked. The daughter drew the curtains closed and summoned mom who called police.

    Okay, that’s it! Out!
    An officer was dispatched to an address on Lobos Avenue where some sort of disturbance was taking place. A furious man responded to the call and said that his son and his son’s girlfriend had been there, arguing. After the girlfriend departed, the son grew even angrier, and he began throwing and breaking household items. The officer met with the boy and his dad to explain the nature of the laws pertaining to such activities. The officer suggested that dad and son retire to separate rooms for the night, giving each a chance to cool off. The son departed to his room. Dad showed the officer to the door, where dad imparted confidential information. Dad had made up his mind to evict his son the following day.

    How high is it, ossifer?
    Assilomar Conference Center contacted police to request some assistance. Managing personnel were afraid that one of their employees had been drinking, and was on the job, intoxicated. The officer administered a “breathalyzer” test and the subject showed a reading of .18% BAC. The manager requested a copy of the report and asked a fellow employee to transport the drinking suspect home.

    Wanna buy something?
    Police were notified of what appeared to be a serious violation of the law. An informant stated that the suspect was selling stolen property. Upon arrival, police learned that a garage sale was taking place. However, all was not wasted. The operator of the garage sale was operating the endeavor without a permit.

    How bad is it?
    During the recent high wind, an oak tree was blown down. The oak fell across a vehicle. The amount of damage could not be determined because both the tree and the car had to remain where they were until the storm abated.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 25, 2009

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