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    Through 04-03-09

    My mail is missing!
    PGPD received an electronically submitted complaint from a resident who resides on 4th Street. The complainant stated that someone had stolen the mail from his mailbox. He had no suspect information, just knew it was missing. Some years ago, Pacific Grove suffered a rash of mailbox thefts, perpetrated by thieves collecting data to be sold to criminal rings.

    Mom has pistol
    A Pacific Grove woman was helping her mother prepare for a move to Oregon.  During sorting and packing procedures, the woman came across a pistol which belonged to mom, but which mom had forgotten about.  Evidently, mom no longer feels the need to be armed.  The woman instructed her daughter to turn the weapon over to PGPD for destruction.

    Where’s my darned TV?
    A woman wanted her malfunctioning television repaired. She contacted a shop in Marina advertising itself as specialists in TV and VCR work. A representative of the shop picked up the woman’s unit, promised to obtain needed parts, repair the set, and return it. After a period of time, the woman began calling the two numbers left her. She got only an answering machine which indicated that the answering devices were full. Irate, the woman contacted police. The officer discovered that both numbers given the woman went to the same message box. The woman was advised to go to Marina during working hours and try to retrieve her TV. If her attempt was unsuccessful, she was advised to report her TV as “stolen”.

    Auto attack
    A Pacific Grove man parked his automobile on Rosemont Avenue.  Evidently, he could have chosen a better location. When he returned for the car, he discovered considerable damage. Two tires had been flattened, the car was heavily adorned with strings of silly putty, and paint balls had hit the mark. The owner, however, thinks that he knows who the culprits are.

    Hit and Run observed
    An observant woman noticed a “hit and run” accident.  She notified police to be on the lookout for a car with a white-paint transfer and damage to the left-front panel.  However, the woman could offer no help in provided the names of possible suspects.

    Noisy hot tub fete
    A Pacific Grove resident contacted the PGPD to complain about the noise emanating from the house on the other side of his back fence.  It came, he said, from parties held at a hot tub.  An officer contacted the person-in-residence-not the owner-who said he was baffled.  There had been no party and the hot tub in question was not in working order.  The respondent said that he believed the complaint was part of an on-going feud taking place between the two owners.

    Reckless driving doesn’t pay
    PGPD received a complaint about a man driving recklessly in the vicinity of Forest and Lighthouse.  Upon checking, an officer discovered the identified vehicle parked near Grove Market.  He also noted that the vehicle’s tag had expired in 2007.  The owner then returned, but the car was towed anyway.

    Counterfeit traveler checks … again
    A Pacific Grove business person contacted police to complain of having receive a counterfeit, VISA traveler check in the amount of $100.  PGPD also received complaints about an additional two checks being passed.  There is concern that additional merchants may have been hit during the Good Old Days festivities.  Please be on the look-out for a white female, short, heavyset, brown hair.  At the time, the woman wore a grey velour athletic outfit.

    Be watchful for young woman
    A father called to tell PGPD that his daughter has a date to appear in court coming up soon.  That situation evidently unsettled the young woman.  She told dad that she was going to kill herself.  An officer checked at the residence where the woman reportedly lives.  Her rented car was missing.  The officer turned in a BOL (be on the lookout).


    Through 3/27/09

    Is that voice for real?
    A complainant thought she hear a female voice calling her name. She said that she was fearful someone had come to her place of dwelling to “get her”. She called police and requested assistance. The investigating officer looked around, found nothing. The complainant asked for transportation to the location where her husband was working. The officer obliged. Evidently she heard no voice calling her while she waited with her spouse.

    What are you doing here?
    Another complainant contacted police. She stated that she was staying in a local motel. Some unknown and unseen person had been shoving notes beneath her door. Police responded and heard someone’s voice inside the room talking and screaming. After getting a key, the officer discovered that there were notes, but that they were filled with gibberish composed of random words and bits of poetry. Upon being interviewed, the complainant said that she was fine, and did not want to injure herself. She was, however, upset by the presence of police.

    Next time, try being quieter
    A driver was pulled to the side because his car, with amplified mufflers, was making excessive noise. During the following interview, police discovered that the subject was driving without a license. The subject was arrested and his car impounded.

    Trying to impress someone?
    A subject was observed driving in a peculiar manner. He was popping wheelies…spinning his tires and revving his engine. After being contacted by police, an officer learned that the subject had no diving license. He was arrested and whisked off to the station. His car was impounded.

    Well, blow me down, mate!
    Police were notified that there was a man on the ground. The officer did indeed find a man prone. The man had observable cuts and bruises on one side of his face. Upon being interviewed, the subject said that he had been out for a walk. A strong gust of wind buffeted him, and he was knocked to the ground, striking his head on the roadway. The man was treated at the scene.

    Keep him away from me
    A subject said that she has been receiving a number of letters from a certain individual. With the tone of missives changing, the subject said she was becoming concerned for her health and safety. She asked police for help in keeping the individual away from her.

    Look what we found!
    A pair of tourists flagged down Pacific Grove’s parking enforcement office. They had found someone’s wallet near the Bank of America in Monterey at Franklin and Washington. The tourists turned the wallet over to the officer who took it to the Pacific Grove police station.

    Maybe we should build trees stronger
    A resident called police to complain about the recent wind. He said the blow had caused a limb to fall … right on top of his automobile. Whether the police apologized for the incident was not noted in the log.

    Now where did they go?
    A woman reported that a pair of rings were missing. She feels that the rings were stolen from her bedroom. The 86 year-old woman provided suspect names. Police will be checking on the information.

    Why me?
    A complaint called at the police station to ask why she had been ticketed. She had been parked in a lot near the animal clinic … where she was a volunteer. No one else was parked in the lot. Why, then, place a ticket on her car?

    Shhh. Artists at work.
    Police were advised that a couple of vandals were trying their hands at the fine art of graffiti. After driving to the location, an officer did find the graffiti … but the artists had departed. There are no suspects. The police log offered no comment about the quality of the work.

    Domestic violence
    A complainant contacted police to report a case of domestic violence. The victim claimed that his ex-boyfriend had shoved him down and punched him several times. The perpetrator departed before the arrival of an officer. The department issued a “be on the lookout (BOL) notice, and turned their report over to the District Attorney’s office.

    I can take care of myself
    Siblings, a 12 year-old and a 16 year-old, began arguing over a chair. The argument became heated. The 12 year-old procured a kitchen knife with which the child, as stated: “could protect myself.” Police called dad. Dad left work to act as peacekeeper.

    Out of work hurts
    A woman was pink-slipped from her job. She grew depressed, decided to end it all. The woman climbed into a bathtub where she cut her wrists and legs. Fortunately, she was found before she expired. Police were called. The woman willingly committed herself to CHOMP.

    Darned shoes, anyway
    Police were notified that a woman had fallen at a location on Forest Avenue. By the time police arrived, the woman had been helped up. She was sitting in her car, trying to stop the bleeding from an abrasion on her hand. The officer found nothing irregular about the pavement at the Forest Avenue location. The woman said that she probably fell because of the raised soles on her shoes.

    Aw, leave them be
    A man reported that his checking account showed fraudulent payments in the amount of $163.84. He also stated that he lived with two individuals who were allowed to use his computer. He was confident that one, or both of these individuals were responsible. The complainant did not wish to press charges, however, and he wanted neither person bothered.


    Through 3/20/09

    That darned installer did it!
    A resident notified police that he had noticed that one side of his property fence had been damaged. The complainant said that he believed that this foul deed might have been implemented by his neighbor. An officer contacted the neighbor, who denied any wrongdoing. However … the neighbor said that he had recently decided to switch to satellite television. He had observed the installer jumping the fence during the process of his work. The neighbor promised to pay for repairs, but requested documentation … probably for submission to the satellite TV company.

    Take him to CHOMP
    Police were informed that a subject was passed out in the parking lot behind Bagel Baker. After responding, an office did find a prone subject … and a friend beside him. The friend said that the subject had shown up at the friend’s home, asked for help getting home. The friend said the two walked down Ransford toward their destination, but the subject passed out when they reached the parking lot of Bagel Bakery. Police transported the subject to CHOMP. The subject’s mother, who was then notified of the mishap, indicated that she would head for the hospital to take care of her son.

    Missing your car?
    If so, it may have been towed at the request of the Pacific Grove Police Department. An officer spotted a parked 1995 Toyota with license tags that expired in September … 2007!

    Hey … we mean what we say!
    Police stopped a subject who was traveling by foot, to see if he had been drinking. During the check, it was discovered that the man had no driving license. He was warned that-without a license-if he was seen driving, he would be pulled over and arrested. Later that day, the same man was observed again … this time behind the wheel of a car. He was arrested and transported to the PG police station where he was cited. His car was impounded.

    Too drunk to walk
    A subject, considered to intoxicated to take care of himself, was stopped on Patterson Street and interviewed. Considered to be drunk he was transported to the police station. Police planned to hold the man until he sobered up.

    She’s my girl! No, she’s mine!
    Two men claimed the same female as girlfriend. They argued the possession question all the way to Country Club gate, where they “got in each other’s face” and yelled loudly. An on-looker called police. One man fled the scene by car. The other combatant told his story to the officer, and was then released. No one thought to ask the girl to resolve the dispute.

    Long-time aggravation
    Police were advised by dad that his daughter, a girl home from college, had received belligerent and abusive text messages and e-mails. Dad also reported that while his daughter was preparing to leave San Luis Obispo, a car pulled alongside hers and the driver screamed insults at her. The real problem, says dad, is that this belligerency has been going on for more than two years.

    Have gangs arrived in PG?
    Police made contact with a young man who claims to have lived in PG for the past four months. The subject bore the signs of gang membership in the Mexican Pride Locos, which the subject admitted that he had belonged to. The subject also said that he had been arrested several times on different charges. He refused to comment, however, on his current status. A pat-down search revealed no drugs, no contraband, and no weapons. The subject was warned about gang affiliation, and released.

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