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    Is this dog gone habit forming?
    A police officer was flagged down and advised that a dog was running around the neighborhood, on the loose.  A subsequent search resulted in locating the dog, which was later learned to be named “Honey”.  he animal is an American Staffordshire. The department had little trouble contacting the owner to advise that the animal was in custody. The owner was on record as having received five prior citations for letting the pet run loose.  This citation makes it six.

    Well, it almost worked.
    A customer at the Country Club Gate store, evidently getting hungry and thirsty, decided to turn shoplifter.  The culprit picked up a 24-pack of Tecate beer and some buffalo wings, then departed … without paying.  The clerk, who was not convinced of the act’s affability, followed and confronted the culprit.  Thereupon, the man dropped the purloined merchandise and fled the scene.

    Where’s King Solomon?
    A man and woman lived together on Pine Avenue, at least once upon a time.  The couple had met while members of a rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation or not, the male part of the duet has recently been falling off the wagon, using both drugs and alcohol.  The female part of the twosome complained.  The couple decided to split.  There was one seemingly insurmountable problem.  The couple co-owned a dog, a Chihuahua, which both adore.  The pair is now arguing over doggie visitation rights.  The fellow, after a recent visitation period, returned the dog as agreed, but there was still a problem.  According to the female, the dog smelled like burning pot and incense.  She plans now to obtain an attorney so that she can claim possession of the dog, legally.  She said that her former friend doesn’t deserve the animal.  The man is a “two-striker” who uses meth.

    Maybe his friend’s birthday is coming up
    The owners were having an open house.  Visitors were coming and going.  Among the visitors was one who opened a dresser drawer and purloined two pairs of gold earrings.  The real estate representative told police he had a suspect in mind; a white male, about 40 years of age, who wore his hair shoulder length.  He may have been accompanied by another male and a female, both in their 20s.

    It’s all her fault
    It was bad news for this fellow, breaking up with his girlfriend.  In fact, the man told several people, by telephone, that his life was no longer worth living.  Therefore, he planned to kill himself.  The follow did not indicate his whereabouts, however.  A sister, eager to come to the rescue, is on her way from Bakersfield.  She says she knows the location of a house in Pacific Grove where her brother might be, but could not recall the address.

    Oh dear, a dead deer
    An officer, after being notified about an injured deer on the beach, went looking.  He found the animal near state park gate 22, dead.  The culprit?  Several dog-like prints were noticed in the damp earth that might have been left by coyotes.

    Meals on (flat) wheels
    A delivery person for Meals on Wheels called in to report that she couldn’t make her rounds because she had a flat tire.  During discussions, the woman revealed that she recently had some other trouble, such as having her hubcaps stolen.  The tow truck driver who came to her rescue speculated that the woman’s tire had been slashed.

    Boy loses wallet, cash
    A 12 year-old boy called police to report that he had lost his wallet somewhere on Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove.  The wallet contained the lad’s student identification.  Worse, the boy indicated that the wallet had $140 in cash inside.  This represented the victim’s lifetime savings.  He hopes that a good Samaritan will find the wallet and turn it in.

    Well, I did do something
    A young man contacted police to report that while he really didn’t want to hurt himself, he had taken a quantity of pills and medications that could prove fatal.  Later, he changed his story and said that he had only consumed quantities of alcohol.  Friends who had been with the young man for several hours confirmed the latter story.  The friends agreed that they would watch after the lad, and see that he was okay for the rest of the night.

    Better safe than sorry
    A person telephoned the crisis team at CHOMP, advised the team that she had cut her wrist … but then she hung up.  After tracking her down, police discovered that she had only superficial scratches on her arm.  The woman was transported to CHOMP and placed on a -72-hour, mental-health hold

    Driver becomes pedestrian
    A dad was driving past the middle school with his daughter, who was wearing no seat belt, sticking her head out the window, and yelling at acquaintances.  The officer who pulled the car over discovered that the man’s driving license had been suspended as part of the penalty for failure to pay child support.  The officer issued a citation.  Dad became a pedestrian.  Daughter needed a ride.

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