• Police log up to 08-21-09

    Mother is upset
    A mom telephoned PGPD to report that her 18-year-old daughter had come home … very intoxicated.  An officer interviewed the young lady.  She indicated that she had been drinking vodka with an acquaintance.  She said her companion supplied her with the alcohol.  She also indicated that about a month ago she had completed a rehab program where she was being treated for an oxycontin addiction.  Mom wanted the incident documented by police.

    Just doing what I was told
    An officer was dispatched to look into a civil dispute.  A man claimed that he had been involved in an on-going dispute with a former landlady.  The two had gone to court.  Later, he alleged, the court instructed the man to contact his landlady and request that the money involved in the argument be returned.  The man did so.  The landlady asked him if he was harassing her.  The man said “no.”  He wanted the case documented in case the landlady again accused him of harassment.

    Child left in a car
    An officer was dispatched to a site near Trader Joe’s where a child was reported locked in a car for about thirty minutes, crying.  The officer made contact and talked the child into unlocking a car door.  After being questioned, the child indicated that her mother was somewhere inside the store (Trader Joe’s).  Mom was found.  She advised that her daughter had been asleep.  When the mother woke the child up and asked her if she wanted to go shopping, the child refused.

    An officer was dispatched to Lattitudes to check on a report of a patron who had eaten, then checked out without paying.  The officer learned that the customer had left some personal belongings behind.  Among the property was a credit card.  The officer was familiar with the name because the department had earlier contacts with the woman.  The owner refused to press charges because the bill was only for $14.15.  The woman was advised not to return to Lattitudes.

    Controlled substance
    A suspect was placed under arrest for being in possession of methamphetamine.  He was also wanted on the basis of previous warrants.

    Ring is gone
    A complainant reported the theft of a ring from her home.  The ring is valued at $2,500.  The complainant stated that her house was being taken care of by an 18-year-old who had invited a friend inside to keep her company.  The ring was later found to be missing, but the owner noticed nothing else gone.  The complainant said that she wished no prosecution at this time, but did want to file a report in case something else turns up gone.

    Drug to be destroyed
    A suspicious substance was turned in to PGPD by a complainant who said he suspected his find was composed of an illegal substance.  An evaluation determined that it was probably marijuana, contained in two plastic sandwich bags, with rolling papers.  The items were weighed, photographed, and filed away for later destruction.

    Identity theft?
    A woman notified PGPD of a possible fraud involving a credit card.  She stated that representatives of Capital One had called to advise her of irregular purchases appearing on her charge card.  The woman said that was most unusual.  She didn’t have a Capital One card.

    Not a real job
    A PG woman thought she had a job as a secret shopper.  Then she was given a check for $3,400, told to deposit the money, and send part of it back to the company.  She did so, and was later informed that the check had been bogus.  The woman estimates that she is now $2,000 in arrears.

    Neighbor finds man dead
    An informant telephoned police to report that a man had fallen and seemed not to be responding.  He indicated that the subject, a neighbor, was also cold to the touch.  Fire and AMR responded, but found that the patient was deceased.  The Coroner determined the death to be due to natural causes.

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