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    A good son?
    The word was that a young man from Pacific Grove had acted poorly toward his mother.  The subject had struck mom in the head, causing injury.  After a PGPD officer arrived and gave the subject an order, the young man refused to comply.  Eventually, a jolt of pepper spray was required to get the subject in line.  The young man was then transported to Monterey County Jail where he is being held in lieu of bail.  Whether mom would be interested in posting  bail is questionable.

    Faulty alarm?
    PGPD responded to a business alarm.  After arrival on site, officers toured the area, inspected the building, and found … nothing.  They reported the incident as a false alarm.   And then came a second alert.  Better to respond and be right than to not respond and be wrong.  Off went the officers, with the same results.  Asking to have the alarm repaired may be next on their list.

    Need to listen while we play
    A mother called PGPD in behalf of her daughter.  It seemed that the family car had been broken into during the night.  The daughter was most concerned about what had been stolen.  It was the young lady’s iPod.  In another break-in, the victims also reported a theft.  This time is was a Nintendo.

    Need more security?
    A woman called who identified herself as a full-time care provider.  She works for a disabled individual who is confined to a wheelchair.  The provider pulled on an apron and prepared to fix dinner.  She lit a fire, and then stepped out of the kitchen for a minute.  While she was absent, the kitchen filled with smoke and an obnoxious smell.  She called the police.  Working with the caretaker, officers discovered that chili peppers had been placed on and around the burners.   The provider was as surprised as were the officers.  PGPD offered the provider suggestions for improving home security.

    We were just talking … again!
    PGPD responded to reports of a quarrel taking place between a man and woman who are married.  The man was located standing on a corner near the given address.  He said he had left his home to get away from his wife.  But he also said that the couple had just been talking, and their dispute had been only verbal, a heated discussion of work-related problems and stress.  After being contacted, the wife agreed.  She admitted having had a drink, but was not obviously intoxicated.  The couple admitted to having experienced a similar incident, several years ago.

    Ladies only
    A female caller complained about a male “Peeping Tom” who had been standing outside her apartment at about four o’clock that morning watching while the woman used the toilet.  She advised police that another apartment dweller had experienced the same thing.  After contacting a knowing informant, police learned that all residents in the apartment complex are female.

    All’s well that ends well
    A mother telephoned PGPD to advise that she was very worried.  Her son, who was on probation for another matter, had not returned before the hour set by terms of his release.  Later, mom called again.  Everything was okay.  The lad had returned home … just a little late.

    Gone missing
    A juvenile requested and was granted permission to participate in a party.  The youngster was dropped off at Forest Grove School at about 11:30 a.m.  Unfortunately, the lad failed to return home at the appointed hour.  He is still missing.  He whereabouts are unknown.

    On the lam
    Another mother reported that her son had run away from home.  She also reported that the boy was out later than the terms of his probation allowed.

    Make certain adult has not been drinking, too?
    A concerned citizen reported that a male subject had been at an Ocean View address, drinking.  In spite of being intoxicated, the subject departed on foot.  While searching the area, the subject was found.  He was too drunk to care for himself.  Officers transported him to the station where he was held until a sober adult could be found to take custody.

    Too many pills
    A husband telephoned to report that he was concerned about his wife.  She had taken too many prescription pills and was now lying on the floor, semi-conscious.  Officers summoned AMR to take the subject to CHOMP for treatment and mental evaluation.

    Want the entire building mailed?
    Vandals got busy the other night.  They decorated the side of the U. S. Post Office with graffiti that read: “Donkeys for Life!” No stamps were attached.

    Was it your imagination?
    A woman from a residential home telephoned PGPD and stated that she had been alarmed after hearing two loud noises that might have been gunshots.  Then she reported seeing a male, about 50 years of age, dressed in blue jeans, a blue shirt, and white tennis shoes.  She said the man appeared to be “retarded.”  A search of the area revealed nothing.  Staff at the home said no one had been “missing” right then, nor was there a resident who answered the woman’s description.

    Didn’t want to hear it
    Officers were summoned to Prescott Lane to check on a verbal domestic dispute in progress.  Rather than communicate with police, the male half of the dispute turned and walked away.  The subject had to be physically restrained so that the investigation could be finished.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on September 24, 2009

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