• Police Rescue Man as He Jumps from Hotel Ledge

    Seaside, CA November 8, 2016

    Last night at about 7:30 pm, Seaside Police Officers responded to the report of a man with a knife who had just attempted to commit a robbery. A subject fitting a similar description also brandished a knife earlier in the day.

    At about 7:50 pm, officers spotted a man fitting the suspect’s description. He was hanging onto the outside of the 4th story railing of the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, located next to the Embassy Suites Hotel. The man, later identified as Arthur Augustin Dorado (9-3-71), appeared intent on committing suicide as he hung from the ledge. Officers from Monterey and Sand City Police Departments, along with Seaside Fire Department and Emergency Medical personnel responded to assist.

    As Dorado was out on the ledge he made irrational statements and was hostile toward officers. As an officer tried to build a rapport with Dorado, Dorado mentioned he was becoming tired. Eventually the officer convinced him to climb over the railing onto the walkway in order to rest. Dorado complied but then quickly climbed back over the railing, back into a position of danger. Dorado had been on the ledge about twenty minutes. He was sweating profusely and officers believed he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Officers were able to convince Dorado to climb over the railing to rest on the walkway again. As Dorado stood on the walkway officers approached and tried to grab onto Dorado to keep him from going back over the railing. Dorado however instantly jumped over the railing head first. As he fell, an officer reached out and was able to grab onto one of his legs. Three more officers grabbed onto Dorado’s legs and struggled to pull him up. A fifth officer was able to reach far enough over the railing to grab onto Dorado’s shirt and Dorado was pulled back over the railing to safety. He did not appear to be injured. He then kicked an officer, attempted to flee, and was subdued with the use of the WRAP Restraint.

    Dorado was arrested for Attempted Robbery, Brandishing a Knife, and Battery on a Peace Officer. He was transported to the Natividad Medical Center for a medical clearance and was then released to the Monterey County Jail where he is being held in lieu of bail. Dorado has a history of violence and drug related charges.

    The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact Seaside Police at one of the following numbers:

    Anonymous Tip-Line – (831) 899-6282

    Seaside Police Department – (831) 899-6748

    Non-Emergency Dispatch – (831) 394-6811

    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 8, 2016

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