• Pollacci sentenced in second rape case

    Thomas Pollacci, age 52 and a resident of Pebble Beach, was sentenced to 6 years in state prison on one count of forcible rape by Judge Adrienne Grover on Nov. 15. This 6-year sentence is to be served consecutively to an 8-year state prison sentence that had been previously imposed by Judge Russell Scott for a total state prison term of 14 years. Pollacci also agreed to waive any appellate rights in the current case as well the previous case in which he had been convicted by a jury of rape.

    In this case, Pollacci had met Jane Doe 1 in his liquor store in April 2007. They agreed to go out on a date later that evening. Instead of drinks and dinner, Pollacci took her to a travel trailer his family owned that was parked at the Monterey County airport. There he raped her. Jane Doe 1 came forward after seeing the media reports from Pollacci’s first case and said that she wanted to help that victim in whatever way she could.

    Pollacci also met Jane Doe 2 when she stopped by the store to make a purchase in October 2008. At the time Jane Doe 2 worked nearby and Pollacci asked her to go to lunch. She agreed and he took her to the travel trailer that was now parked at a pullout in Pebble Beach. Reluctantly, Jane Doe 2 agreed to go inside and he subsequently raped her. Pollacci then began to make phone calls to her house and drive by Jane Doe 2’s office. Afraid Pollacci would never stop harassing her; she went to his liquor store to confront him. There she was raped again. She, too, decided to come forward after hearing about the victim in the previous case and wanted to help in anyway she could.

    The successful resolution of this case was possible because of the courage of all of the victims who came forward and reported the crimes and also because of the work of DA Investigators Adam Sepagan, Ryan McGuirk and Christina Gunter as well the victim advocate Alma Sanchez,” said the District Attorney.

    Before he is eligible for release from state prison, the state will conduct an evaluation to determine if Pollacci qualifies as a sexual violent predator.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 15, 2011

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