• Pollaci Story Clarifications

    Editorial Comment by Marge Ann Jameson
    Editor, Cedar Street Times

    On Thursday, March 12, 2009, the Carmel Pine Cone was printed and distributed, but as of Friday, March 13, there were no copies of it to be found in the usual racks in Pacific Grove where it is distributed for free.

    Cdr. John Nyunt of the Pacific Grove Police Department said that it was not available in other cities, either.

    The Pine Cone’s publisher believes that the newspapers were stolen because the edition carried a front-page article on the arrest of Thomas Pollacci for rape, and that “someone wants to suppress the story and punish the Pine Cone.” Pollacci is a resident of Pebble Beach and works at a family-owned liquor store in Pacific Grove.

    Nyunt says it is not the first time that someone has stolen all the editions of the newspaper, and cites the example of the edition which carried the story of three teenagers in a car which was driven off a cliff in Big Sur.

    Cedar Street Times chose not to print the information on the arrest of Thomas Pollacci when it was originally faxed to us by the Pacific Grove Police Department, because when we contacted them in an attempt to find more information beyond what we saw on TV station dispatches and in the Salinas Californian, we were unable to learn anything new. We searched through news sources of a year ago as well. We knew that by the time we went to press other newspapers would already have carried the story. We intended to wait until the arraignment to give an updated report. We believe in “innocent until proven guilty” and we have not been allowed to see any of the evidence. But with the news of the alleged theft of the edition of the Carmel Pine Cone which carried the story, we reported the story of Pollacci’s arrest and of the disappearance of the March 13, 2009 edition of the Carmel Pine Cone to our e-mail subscribers and on our website on Sunday, March 15.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on March 18, 2009

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