• Publisher’s Blog: Treasurer candidate lied

    I read with interest correspondence I received from an anonymous, but obviously informed source concerning misstatements made by Ron Holly in his campaign literature, in a public forum and in his statement to the electorate in the voters’ pamphlet for the June, 2010 election.

    Mr. Holly represented in his voters’ pamphlet statement that he is a lawyer. Most potential voters would likely assume that he had obtained a degree in law and had passed the California State Bar Exam. When questioned on his credentials at a recent forum, he admitted that he had not, in fact, passed the bar exam but that it was not a prerequisite for the job of Treasurer for which he is running in the upcoming election.

    And yet he represented to voters that being a lawyer was material to that position and made him the best-qualified candidate.

    This is a man who states that he worked as a compliance examiner for the Oklahoma Department of Securities and for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as the Senior Compliance Specialist: Should he not be examining himself?

    He told a reporter from the Salinas Californian that he made the misstatements in the rush to get his papers filed in time. Then he compounds the problem by saying that, when he worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission in the 1980s, one did not have to have passed the bar exam in order to work as a lawyer. We will have to look into that one: To my knowledge, the bar exam is the one prerequisite to practicing law that can’t be circumvented. One could pass the bar exam without having a degree in law, but one could not practice law even with a degree if one had not passed the bar. This bears further examination.

    I also want to know whether Mr. Holly represented himself as a lawyer in order to obtain his current employment as Chief Deputy Auditor-Controller/Debt Manager.

    He also told the same reporter that his law degree came from a correspondence course offered by a company that “defrauded a few people” and “went out of business in 1987.” No wonder he didn’t take the bar exam. But do we want a man who was “taken in” by a fly-by-night correspondence school to be handling our hard-earned tax money and investing it for us?

    Tomorrow I will check with the Monterey County Elections office to learn whether they will be pursuing the matter. Mr. Holly himself has stated that he will advise before the weekend whether he will remain in the race for Treasurer of Monterey County.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 13, 2010

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