• Re: Mayor Cort Resignation

    Not only has Mr. Dilworth shown his total disregard for his city in threatening the Mayor with a recall, he’s also targeted Bill Kemp, Vickie Stillwell and Deborah Lindsay as people he thinks should go.

    What excellent timing! Is this what PG really needs right now? I’m sure a prospective City Manager will just jump at the chance to get all cozy with us Pagrovians now.

    What is this really about? Is this about Dan and these Council members voting on pay schedules for the City? No. Is this about the Library? The Dog Park? The Museum?


    This is, quite simply, about David Dilworths lifelong search for acceptance. He’s chosen crusade after crusade, not only to help the environment, to stop the spray, to keep the forests healthy, but to satisfy his own sense of self worth.

    Don’t get me wrong, us frogs appreciate the work he’s done on the environment, we really do, but this latest move shows not only a complete lack of understanding of the situation we are faced with, but a complete lack of honor. David has smiled into the faces of the same people he attempts to destroy.

    Most folks in PG understand this about David. It’s why he came in almost dead last in his bid for City Council.

    Thanks for the help on the forests David, but you really need to stay out of politics. You have hurt the city today.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on August 4, 2009

    Topics: Current Edition, Opinion


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