• Recommendations from State Farm Insurance for Evacuees

    Residents Impacted by the Soberanes Fire in Monterey County Should Contact Their Insurance Agent and Save Receipts for Temporary Living Expenses

    With the Soberanes Fire continuing to grow in size and threaten local communities in Monterey County, State Farm wants to remind residents there are important things that can be done now in response to this wildfire. Claim representatives and agents are ready to address customers’ needs.

    “Don’t wait until emergency personnel order an evacuation to create an emergency plan,” said State Farm spokesperson Sevag Sarkissian. “There are a number of things that can be done right now in response to this wildfire and to prepare for the rest of the fire season.”

    The extreme drought conditions across California have made this wildfire season particularly dangerous. Disaster can strike at a moment’s notice and that is why the time to prepare is now.

    If you are a part of the mandatory evacuations, State Farm recommends the following:  

    • Make personal safety and the safety of family, friends, animals and the community the top priority during a wildfire: most material possessions can be replaced but loss of life or serious injury can’t be fixed.
    • Listen to news reports and follow the instructions of emergency workers and local fire officials.
    • Call your local insurance agent and save receipts for expenses you incur as a result of the evacuation as they may be reimbursable.

      If you have not been evacuated but your home could become threatened:

    • Take photos or digitally record your possessions in each room of your home and start preparing a home inventory list.
    • Create an evacuation package that contains vital documents, key financial information, and irreplaceable items like family photos and heirlooms. Keep it in one place and ready to go in minutes. Everyone should know where it is.

    Understanding Your Coverage – Infographic

    Home Inventory – Infographic

    Always make safety the top priority when protecting your home and family from a wildfire.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 25, 2016

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