• Retrospective: The first 6 months

    Vol 1 Issue 1, 09/05/08

    Ikana plane helps on the Basin fire

    Reservoir could solve some of  PG’s water woes

    Candidate profiles: Carmelita Garcia, Deborah Lindsay

    Steve Hauk: Steinbeck’s conceal/carry permit

    Vol 1 Issue 2, 09/12/08

    City finds water for most on Water Waiting List

    Introducing Daniel Gho at the golf course

    Anne Meyer Cook joins Gateway Center

    Recidivist great whites

    Candidate profiles: Bill Kampe, Richard Ahart

    Feature on Sparky’s Root Beer

    Profile on the Herzog family’s summer vacation in their Winnebago


    Vol 1 Issue 3, 09/19/08

    Police equipment grant

    Progress on Breaker Stadium

    Profile of Lori Mannel, PG Museum’s new director

    Mountain lions seen in town

    Lectures on climate change

    Photo essay: Triathlon

    Candidate profiles: Daniel Miller and Ken Cuneo

    Blake Russell back from the international Olympics


    On our website 09/26/08

    B’s Coffee profile

    PG Alumni annual meeting 9/20

    Heritage Bird House contest

    Firefighters get to see the AMA free

    Letter Jim Willoughby on public nuisances

    Butterfly etiquette


    Vol I Issue 4, 10/03/08

    Fire department merger with Monterey

    AFRP gets 4-legged victims of Katrina

    Asilomar cleanup stats

    Picture essay: Heritage houses for the birds

    Council candidates David Dilworth and Susan Goldbeck

    Rags to Riches car show quits PG


    Vol I Issue 5, 10/10/08

    Museum financial woes

    Picture essay: Butterfly parade

    Leatherback turtles in the bay

    Candidate profiles: Mark Hood, Todd Hornik


    Vol I Issue 6, 10/17/08

    Tagging Monarchs, growing milkweed

    Fiction: Lady G of PG

    Bath House lease

    Farmers Market review

    NOAA’s  mural


    Candidate Profile: Dan Cort, Ted Hollister


    On our website 10/24/08

    Rods on the Wharf benefit for Gateway

    Patron’s Show is coming to the Art Center

    Process for hiring a new city manager

    Monarch Update introduced


    Vol 1 Issue 7, 10/31/08

    Reconfiguration of grade schools not happening

    Rec Trail repairs

    Measure X

    MST rate increase

    Gardening Angels

    Carmel River Steelhead Association

    Art Center’s show


    Vol. I Issue 8, 11/7/08

    Election results: Dan Cort, Bill Kampe, Carmelita Garcia, Deborah Lindsay

    Citizens want to get out of CalPERS

    City’s budget update

    Young Writers corner begun

    Big Sur Half Marathon

    Seafood Watch profile

    Deep Sea photography exhibit


    Online issue, 11/14/08

    Meet Pierre Dulaine – Dancing classrooms

    Downtown Holiday schedule

    Proposed raises for city staff

    Parking on Ocean View Blvd.

    Measure Y, Measure Z

    In lieu water fee


    Vol I Issue 9, 11/21/08

    McIndoo Bequest apportioned

    Staff pay raises denied

    PG Liquors

    Half Marathon

    Review: Henry’s BBQ

    Julian Collingwood handmade chocolates

    Patron’s Show


    Vol. 1 Issue 10, 11/29/08

    Phil Bowhay’s book on growing up in Pacific Grove

    Wearable Art at Back Porch Gallery

    Annie Holdren, new Education & Volunteer Manager at PGMNH

    Poetry House – repairs to begin

    Charlene Wiseman staying around as interim city manager

    A Celtic Winter’s Eve

    Revisions to the Museum’s Mission Statement


    Vol. 1 Issue 11, 12/05/08

    Nov. 4 election votes certified, new council seated

    Exit interview with Jim Colangelo

    Introducing High Hats & Parasols

    Mad about Monarchs Museum Event

    Frank Penner, Association’s new president

    Tsunami zone in PG

    Garland Thompson: PG’s Poet in Residence

    D.A.R.E. students visit police department


    Vol. 1 Issue 12, 12/12/08

    Holman Building up for sale

    Holiday activities downtown

    Jayne Gasperson goes on an airship ride

    PGPD breaks up a mail theft and check fraud ring

    PG rotary fixes up the gazebo


    Vol 1 Issue 13, 12/19/08

    Snow in Pacific Grove

    Reservoir update

    Ad hoc water committee established

    Introducing Max Perelman and Jeff Edmunds as commissioners

    Holiday goings-on


    Vol 1 Issue 14, 12/26/08

    Early morning fire tests the new consolidated fire department

    PG Art Center’s new exhibits

    Monarch tagging

    All the committee and commission members


    Vol 1 Issue 15, 01/02/09

    PGPD joins regional “tactical team”

    Guy Cheney joins as rain gauge person

    A look at PG’s economy

    Breaker Stadium progress

    Ice cream parlor v. the military


    Vol 1 Issue 16, 01/09/09

    Emergency funding for the library

    Coyote on the loose

    Arrests in counterfeiting ring

    Mike Nilmeier profiled

    Lunchroom recycling begins

    Feast of Lanterns looking for a volunteer craftsperson to make a sedan chair


    Vol 1 Issue 17, 01/16/09

    Dog park

    City will hire CalPERS consultant

    Profile: Cypress Cleaners green machine

    More on the coyote

    Vol 1 Issue 18, 01/23/09

    Grand Jury report

    The mayor goes to the inauguration

    Dot program lauded by Grand Jury

    New Committee and Commission members: Michael Kapp, Sarah Lewis, Tony Prock

    Road trip to look at butterfly sanctuary


    Vol 1 Issue 19, 01/30/09

    Gang activity in PG

    History of the Lighthouse

    PGHS Honors concert

    Workday at the Green Spot

    Photo essay on Farmers Market


    Vol 1 Issue 20, 02/06/09

    School budget cuts

    Chamber sets up Business Attraction Task Force

    Intern Anna Spade writes on the Obama inauguration

    Photo essay on the lighthouse

    Sudz profiled

    Operation Yellow ribbon


    Vol 1 Issue 21, 02/13/09

    Lilly Clements and Mock Trial

    Celebrating volunteers: Bruce Cowan on the cover and many more on the center spread

    Darwin exhibit at the Museum

    Charlsie Kelly profiled

    Steinbeck house on the market


    Vol 1 Issue 22, 02/20/09

    Butterfly Criterium race revived

    Tony Marino, PGPD get Chamber awards

    Museum garden passes council, work begins

    State schools supe lauds Dot program

    New commissioners: Kathy Anderson, Steve Honneger, Jim McCord

    Photo essay on the Bay by Skyler Lewis


    Vol 1 Issue 23, 02/27/09

    60-day report card on Charlene Wiseman and the consolidated fire dept

    Young entrepreneurs awards

    AT&T films a commercial in PG

    History: The 1909 death of Violet Maya Neill

    Natural succession from Monterey pine to live oaks


    Vol 1 Issue 24, 03/06/09

    City budget woes

    Schools budget woes

    Dorothy Dean Stevens Dancing Through Life

    • Marvin Sheffield comes on board to write about wildlife

    Harbor seals


    Vol 1 Issue 25, 03/13/09

    Review of the Farmers Market

    Snick ‘inherits’ the golden Steinbeck statue

    PG Hot shots trophy

    The monarchs are gone for the season

    PGHS students take honors in culinary competition

    Railroad right of way and the Rec Trail


    Vol 1 Issue 26, 03/20/09

    Businesses of the year: Tessuti Zoo, Pacific Gardens Inn, Adventures by the Sea, Petra, Rabobank, Prim & Proper

    Tom Pollacci turns himself in after an 11-month investigation of rape allegations

    New ad hoc water subcommittee members: Michael Bekker, Bob Davis, Regina Doyle, Alan Tegtmeier

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