• American Revolution Essay Contest

    Cedar Street Times is proud to announce our next scholastic English essay contest is open to Pacific Grove High School students, Pacific Grove Middle School Students, and Monterey Bay Charter School students.

    The theme of this contest is “Lesser-known figures of the American Revolution”. Each essay will be a short biography of some person who is not well known that participated in the American Revolution from 1770-1783. You can choose anyone – Patriot or Loyalist, young or old, male or female, free or slave. Tell us who they are, where they lived, what they did and why they did it.

    Essays must be no more than 600 words, must contain at least 3 paragraphs; and all references (at least 2) should be listed at the end, followed by your name, grade, school and date.

    You may not plagiarize nor cut and paste text from any source. The writing must be your own. You cannot get help from parents or teachers except to understand the rules. You all agree to abide by these rules under the honor system. We trust you.

    Essays will be graded 1/3 on grammar and punctuation, 1/3 on style and syntax, and 1/3 on story-telling and “lesser-knownness” (if you write about George Washington, you will not win!)

    Essay entries must be emailed to Cedarstreettimes@gmail.com with a Subject Line of “Essay Contest” no later than noon Tuesday June 22. Winning entries will be printed in the June 25 issue of the Cedar Street Times—in time for Independence Day celebrations.

    We now have sponsors for $100 First Prize, $50 Second Prize, and $25 Third Prize. We may also solicit prize money for Honorable Mentions. If you are interested in being a sponsor, call Gary at 831-324-4742 or email cedarstreettimes@gmail.com. Sponsors will receive recognition in print along with the essays.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 14, 2021

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