• Road and Sewer Improvements Will Affect Local Traffic (with pictures)

    Revision of Previously Announced Routes

    In case you haven’t noticed, didn’t read our previous announcement or see it on our web page, there will be vehicle and pedestrian traffic problems on Ocean View Blvd. Between Eardley Ave, and First St. through October.

    The project, which began this week, includes replacing a sewer pump station and 1,200 feet of main sewer line. Dry weather is needed for the underground construction part of the project, hence the necessity of timing it from the end of the seal pupping season and during Pacific Grove’s summer tourist season.

    The project is expected to provide more reliable wastewater pumping capacity and reduce the risk of pollution entering Monterey Bay. It will also provide better water quality in the Pacific Grove Area of Special Biological Significance.

    A portion of the Rec Trail and one lane of Ocean View Blvd. will be rerouted. Ocean View Blvd. will be limited to one lane traveling westbound toward Pacific Grove. Businesses at the American Tin Cannery remain open and free parking is available in the ATC lot on Eardley, below the Tourist Information Center and above ATC.



    posted to Cedar Street Times on July 11, 2013

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