• Road work coming

    The Pacific Grove City Manager reports that contracts have been signed and Graham Construction will be performing
    Phase II of the Crack Sealing Project on:
    Sinex Avenue—from Eardley Avenue to Asilomar;
    Asilomar—from Sinex Avenue to Ocean View Blvd;
    17 Mile Dr.—from Sunset to Del Monte Blvd.;
    Jewell Avenue—from Lighthouse to 17th Street; and
    Congress Avenue—from Pine to Lighthouse.
    Bond Black Top Incorporated will be doing some follow up crack sealing on Ocean View Blvd
    from Asilomar Avenue to Central Avenue, Central Avenue to Asilomar Avenue, and Lighthouse
    Avenue from Central Avenue to Asilomar Avenue.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 28, 2011

    Topics: Current Edition, Front PG News


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