• Roundabout at Holman Highway/Highway 1 intersection may be in the works

    Important gateway to Pacific Grove may undergo improvements, redesign

    As a condition of the approval of Pebble Beach Company’s Local Coastal Plan amendment, the company agreed to help fund improvements to the intersection at Holman Highway (Highway 68) and Highway 1. The City of Pacific Grove has been working with Monterey County, the City of Monterey, the Pebble Beach Company, Caltrans and the Transportation Agency of Monterey County (TAMC) on designs to improve that area, a bottleneck during certain hours of the day.

    A roundabout, familiar to drivers from many foreign nations, is the preferred alternative so far. The aim, besides improving traffic congestion, is to minimize the use of retaining walls, save trees and money, reduce injury accidents, and reduce air pollution caused by the stop-and-go nature of the traffic at the intersection.

    Another goal of Caltrans is to widen the bridge on Hwy. 68 where it crosses Hwy. 1, a project which has been delayed.

    Caltrans expressed an interest in transferring ownership of Hwy. 68 to the County and the local cities involved, stating that it is unable to respond quickly to all the local development issues in the area, among which are the Pebble Beach project and a new entrance gate for the Defense Language Institute into the Presidio near Hwy. 68 and S.F.B. Morse Drive.

    Caltrans currently owns the entire length of Holman Highway, all the way to where it ends near Asilomar Blvd. at Sinex and applies highway standards – a 12-foot lane width – to its design. If the county owned it, local street design standards could be used.

    As a party to the negotiations, Monterey County plans to pursue state legislation to enable Caltrans to relinquish the segment of Holman Highway between the Highway 1 interchange and Community Hospital, which would facilitate construction of the roundabout.

    Monterey City Council approved its intent to annex this highway segment in order to maintain signage and striping as well as the signal at the entrance of Community Hospital.


    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 14, 2013

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