• Sam Farr’s Statement on the President’s State of the Union Speech

    Washington, DC – Congressman Sam Farr (D-Carmel) released the following statement following the President’s State of the Union Speech:

    “In his second inaugural speech, President Obama laid out a vision for the direction of this country, a vision built around strengthening America’s middle class. The President and I both agree that when the middle class prospers, this country prospers. In tonight’s State of the Union, he gave us the details of how we will achieve that vision.

    “Throughout our nation’s history, a strong middle class grew out of the right investments in our country rather than the wrong drastic cuts to our budget. I was glad to hear the President talk about his initiatives to raise up the middle class by expanding manufacturing, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, increasing access to education and developing a new green economy centered on renewable energy. These are achievable goals that will improve our economy and create jobs.

    “Here in California, we have seen these types of investments work first hand. From the new National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center to the creation of Fort Ord National Monument, the Central Coast has shown the rest of the country that we can use our community’s resources in a responsible manner to stimulate our economy and create jobs. Just this week, we celebrated the elevation of Pinnacles National Park, a heightened status that will draw even more visitors to our region, providing a boost to our local businesses for generations to come.

    “Unfortunately, for too long my colleagues in Washington have focused more on partisan bickering that results in gridlock rather than working together for the American public. What many of them fail to understand is that we were elected not to shut government down but to improve government so that it works for everyone. To tackle the tough tasks of immigration reform, ending gun violence and restoring sanity to our fiscal house, the answer is not going to be found in endless debate but through honest debate that allows room for compromise. Leadership has always been about getting results. It is time for Congress to work with the President to once again lead this strong nation.”

    posted to Cedar Street Times on February 12, 2013

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