• Schools receive $196.430.76 from librarian’s estate

    A graduate of Pacific Grove High School, Class of 1937, has bequeathed the sizable sum of $196,430.76 to three schools in the Pacific Grove Unified School District.

    Georgia Lyke Shetenhelm died in November, 2014 at her childhood home in Pacific Grove. She was born in Ithaca, NY and was orphaned by the age of 9. Her aunt brought her here by train to live with her maternal grandfather, General Edward Hinkley Plummer, whose regiments built the present Presidio of Monterey.

    Georgia Shetenhelm was a librarian all her life. After high school graduation, she obtained her AA degree from Hartnell College. Her first job was as junior assistant librarian at the Pacific Grove Public Library. She worked there in 1941, 1942 and 1943 according to records at the library. Her starting pay, for 38 hours of work each week, was $65. By the time she left to assist in starting the library at Monterey Peninsula College, she was making the princely sum of $80 per week.

    She spent the majority of her working life at the Naval Postgraduate School, where she was the reference librarian.

    Georgia first met her husband, Captain Philip Shetenhelm, when she was a senior in high school. But World War II intervened, and they were not to see each other until 1978. They were married two months later and remained happily married until his death in 2006.

    Three schools in the Pacific Grove Unified School District were gifted with checks in the amount of $49,107.69. The will states that Robert Down School and Pacific Grove Middle School are to purchase “bound books” with their shares. Pacific Grove High School may use their share for capital improvements, facilities or equipment. The athletic department at the high school also received a check for $49,107.69. It is assumed that Forest Grove Elementary was left out because Mrs. Shetenhelm did not attend that school.

    Assistant Superintendent Rick Miller said that librarians and teachers will form a committee to meet and give direction on the spending of the money. There is no deadline specified in the will.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on December 16, 2014

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