• Sea Otter Classic: Don’t try this at home

    “Molten heat with occasional light breezes brought out the crowds for all four days of Sea Otter. Veteran participants wandered around gaping in disbelief at the weather while newcomers buckled at the knees by the enormity of the event. Upsets in Downhill and Dual Stunts kept fans engaged while it was all business for Specialized and LUNA, which plucked podium spots like they were low-hanging fruit.” That’s how Sea Otter Classic publicists summed it up. Our photographer, Nate Phillips, just said “Wow!”

    The event has grown since its first days in 1991 from 300 participants to 9,500 and from 150 specatoes to 50,000 — and that was last year. More than 300 exhibitors  showed their stuff, too, in the sweltering heat.

    There were events for recreational bikers including recreational road and mountain bike tours. Amateur racers enjoyed nearly 200 classes of road and mountain bike racing for all ages. There were Pro/Elite Mountain Bike Races, Pro/Elite Road Circuit Race, and Pro/Elite Gravity Mountain Bike Races (a better name might have been Gravity-Defying!).

    Not only were there plenty of events for adults to watch but there were also events for children: A Kids’ Carnival, Sea Otter Egg hunt, Bicycle rodeo for learning bike safety skills, Bicycle Races and a Kids’ Bicycle Playground.

    The event is scheduled for April 15-18 next year, 2010. Nate will probably be there.
    We expect great things at the upcoming Butterfly Criterium, too!

    posted to Cedar Street Times on April 24, 2009

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