• Seals pupping very early: Second birth at Hopkins this week

    Following a stillborn pup a few days ago, a live pup was born this morning 1/24/14. Thereafter, things did not go well. Thanks you, Kim Worrell, The Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove. Kim has a request of members of the public.

    Our first live pup was born this morning around 7:30am. This is extremely early for the birth. The pup was born alive and the mom was attentive to it, protecting it from the gulls and attempting to get it to nurse at one point. Unfortunately, it got washed out by the large waves and was never seen again. It was very small and not strong enough to probably survive the harsh power of the ocean even though pups born normally can enter the water immediately. This pup however was just too premature. Had it been higher on the beach and maybe nursed a few days before entering the water, it may have had a chance. The mother did her best to try and save it but was unsuccessful. I watched them in the surf and then they both disappeared. I have not seen the mother since and I always hope I may find them both safe somewhere but my instincts tell me that the pup did not make it.

    This is the first live birth and we need to keep our eyes open for more. It is becoming increasingly important to let people know that these seals are very pregnant and we need to monitor the sound levels and activity at hopkins beach. Please let everyone know that this area is now considered a nursery and to try and maintain a little quieter environment around there. Many other pregnant females are carrying very low right now and I would not be surprised to see more pups very, very soon.

    posted to Cedar Street Times on January 24, 2014

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