• Seaside Announces Hire of Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator

    The City of Seaside is proud to announce the selection of the City’s new Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator, Theresa Zamora.

    During the June session of the Seaside City Council, The City Council authorized the hiring of a Violence Prevention Coordinator, as was funding for the preparation of a Violence Prevention Plan. This Plan will identify existing community resources needed to assist our youth to lead better lives, will identify “gaps” in serving our youth, and will provide a roadmap of programs and services for our youth to lead a more successful life

    Ms. Zamora comes to the City with a background as a grant writer, business and workforce consultant and more recently, as a Community Behavioral Health Consultant for Stanislaus County. Theresa has a Bachelor’s degree from National University (La Jolla), a Masters from CSU, Stanislaus and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Public Health from Walden University in Missouri. Ms. Zamora speaks fluent Spanish. She will be supervised by the City Manager, and will work closely with other City staff members. Her basic job responsibility will be to work with the Blue Ribbon Committee and the City’s Plan Consultant to develop and then to carry out the adopted Violence Prevention Plan.

    The complexity of our youth gang problem defies an easy solution or single strategy. The most effective program will include a combination of prevention, intervention and suppression strategies. The City of Seaside is committed to addressing these issues and thereby create a better future for both our youth and our community.

    We are pleased to have Ms. Zamora join our City family. She begins work on Monday, November 10, 2014 and can be reached at 831-899-6745


    posted to Cedar Street Times on November 12, 2014

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